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Shiseido SPF Review: Beauty Editor-Approved SPFs

If you’re in the know about skincare, you’ll know that wearing an SPF every day is essential. Not only to protect your skin from dangerous rays and sunburn, but to also prevent against the signs of aging too. While getting wrinkles and pigmentation is something we embrace, is part and parcel of growing older, the sun can really contribute to these. Dermatologists and skin experts widely agree in the beauty industry that around 80-90% of skin aging is because of UVA rays. That’s not just when you’re sunbathing on holiday, but even on cloudy days in winter when you’re sitting near a window. It doesn’t have to be hot and sunny for the suns rays to reach your skin. This is why it’s important to wear an SPF. every. single. day. And nope, having an SPF in your moisturiser or foundation just won’t cut it sadly. A dedicated SPF—worn on top of moisturiser and before makeup—if your best bet at getting the most thorough protection. “When thinking about how much product to apply, most people are not using enough SPF,” explains skincare expert Dr Lauren Evans. “A good way of knowing how much SPF to use is by getting a teaspoon from the kitchen. One teaspoon is a good amount for each section of your body. One teaspoon for face, and one for chest and neck,” she says.

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