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Sheree Whitfield Accused of Copying Shein for She by Sheree

Sheree Whitfield.

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She has some trying to explain to do! After several years of expectation, Sheree Whitfield has finally revealed her clothing brand name, She by Shereé.

The Highly moment that is awaited on the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, which aired on Sunday, September 4. As fans know, this season saw Whitfield, 52, experience a plethora of setbacks with her label, including production issues with the clothing. The Bravo star first attempted to launch the collection during RHOA‘s first season in 2008 — but failed due to the lack of samples.

This time around, Whitfield successfully put on a show as guests — including her housewives costars and other Bravolebrities — watched from their seats. Fans also applauded her efforts via social media.

“After 14 years, I did it,” Whitfield said in a interview that is confessional Sunday’s episode. “I had plenty of pros and cons. I had a complete lot of letdowns. I want everyone who feels it to keep pushing with prayer, determination, hard work like they can’t do. It shall definitely pay off.”

Whitfield’s praise was short-lived, however, as fans quickly accused her brand of copying designs from both Shein and Amazon.

“She by Somebody Else!” a social media user tweeted on Monday, September 5, sharing a side-by-side photo of Whitfield in a workout that is gray and a photograph of a model in an identical appearance on Amazon. A person that is second: “More like ‘Copyright Infringement by Sheree.’ It took 14 years to decide to steal someone else’s designs?”

A third critic posted a screenshot of a Shein model in a set that is lookalike. “So, after 10+ many years of no fashion, you put your name just in a lookalike Jeffree Star logo, printed it in an Ali Express/Shein garment and charged $130?! Gurl how dreadful! We were rooting for you smh.”

Others have come to Whitfield’s defense. “She She did n’t steal them, this looks like a label that is private,” said a fan. “Stores do that on a regular basis, they choose the clothes from Chinese businesses because of the purchase, including their logos at an cost that is extra*)The socialite has not yet commented on the accusations and did not immediately respond to

Us Weekly‘s request for comment. After the season finale, Whitfield thanked every supporters and asserted her website would be up and running following a crash due to “the overwhelming interest.”“Due to the overwhelming interest she wrote via Twitter on Sunday in she by Shereé the influx of love is crashing the website. But please realize it is being labored on therefore continue to test back next twenty four hours. We r trying to understand this settled. We need to serve you quickly. Many thanks for the interest. Because Of the clients who we had been in a position to provide thus far ”

The tonight She by Shereé has since resumed operations online, providing work out gear and add-ons ranging in cost from $32 to $182.

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