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Sex Pistols Guitarist Steve Jones Prefers Steely Dan

they got a name for the winners in the world, and today, that person is called Steve Jones. The Sex Pistols guitarist and punk-rock deity, on a press blitz for an enjoyable new FX series about his band, pistol, has admitted in two interviews that he prefers the cerebral sleaze of a certain jazz-rock duo compared to his own musical output. Countdown to ecstasy starting … now! “I never really listen to the Pistols’ music anymore,” Jones told The Telegraph last week. “I’m fucking tired of it, to be honest with you. I’d rather listen to Steely Dan.” In an interview with the Associated Press published today, Jones added that his musical palate tends to eschew punk for reasons that seem pretty rational. “I don’t particularly listen to punk rock anymore. My musical tastes have changed a lot over the years, you know, and I’m 66 years old. I’m not a kid anymore. I think it would be a bit silly if I was still flying that flag,” he explained. “I like Steely Dan. Is that bad?” No, it’s not — stream aja now.

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