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See Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon as C and w’s King and Queen in “George & Tammy”

Jessica Chastain didn’t understand much about Tammy Wynette—aside from the reality that she sang the renowned 1968 hit “Wait Your Guy”—when the script for a biopic based upon the nation star initially stumbled upon her desk.

However after doing some research study, she was captivated by both Wynette’s expert achievements and her troubled love life. “It was interesting to me that somebody like Tammy Wynette, who sang all these tunes like ‘Wait Your Guy,’ likewise was wed 5 times,” she informs Vanity Fair. “I was delighted about this lady who was wed and separated several times and having a hard time in Nashville and truly went far for herself on her own. She charted several times prior to she fulfilled George Jones.”

The relationship with fellow nation icon Jones—the set wed in 1969; it was both of their 3rd marital relationships—is at the center of Paramount Network’s brand-new miniseries George & Tammy. As seen in these unique first-look images, the series follows the artists as they compose a few of their biggest hits, however likewise browse the low and high of their unstable relationship. To play the nation icons, Chastain and Michael Shannon, who have actually been good friends considering that costarring in 2011’s Nestle, braved singing a few of the set’s most renowned tunes for the series, in addition to checking out the deep individual ties that bound the duo together.

“I was truly moved by the romance in between them—I began to listen to the music and comprehended that they were constantly singing to each other,” Chastain states. “They were both a substantial part of each other’s lives.”

By Dana Hawley/Paramount Network.

Chastain signed onto the job back in 2011, when it was developed by developer Abe Sylvia as a movie. More just recently, the job altered instructions to end up being a minimal series, and Chastain, who is likewise a manufacturer through her production business, Freckle Movies, hired Shannon to play Jones.

“Honestly, I wasn’t that knowledgeable about George Jones,” Shannon informs Vanity Fair of signing onto the job. “I’m not a substantial c and w fan—I’m more of a jazz person, truly—however when she brought it to my attention, I got quite seduced by the entire thing. It’s a terrible story, however it’s likewise an extremely romantic one.”

By Dana Hawley/Paramount Network.

By Dana Hawley/Paramount Network.

Chastain understood that Shannon has a deep gratitude for music and is an artist himself (he’s been having fun with the indie rock band Corporal considering that 2002). “He’s a fantastic vocalist and artist, and I’d seen him carry out with atrioventricular bundle in Brooklyn,” she states, including that having a knowledgeable artist as her costar was an advantage when the stars started practicing for the musical elements of the program.

Though he’s an artist himself, Shannon was still frightened by the live singing that would be needed of him on the program. “George Jones is, to my ear, among the finest vocalists I’ve ever heard in my life,” he states. “It’s undoubtedly a fool’s errand to attempt to entirely replicate that—that’s one of the factors he’s famous, is that there will never ever be another one like him.”

By Dana Hawley/Paramount Network.

By Brownie Harris/Paramount Network.

For the six-episode series, which likewise stars Steve Zahn, Kelly McCormack, Katy Mixon, and Walton Goggins, Chastain and Shannon trained with Nashville-based singing coach Ron Browning for numerous months, practicing much of Jones and Wynette’s greatest hits. “These tunes, they’re quite deep and they’ve got some dark corners in them, and we invested a great deal of time with them,” states Shannon. “In addition to finding out how to sing them, I believe they likewise sort of taught us about who individuals were and the story we were informing.”

By Dana Hawley/Paramount Network.

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