Ryan Reynolds recently found himself face-to-face with his wife, Blake Lively. But this time, it’s not because of a witty social media post. ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ Reynolds, who participated in the program, explained that they made an investment with ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ co-star Rob McElhenney and Blake Lively did not like it very much.

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Reynolds, who wrote to McElhenney on Instagram that he was a friend, stated that together they bought a stake in Wales’ Wrexham AFC football team. Explaining that he skipped telling his wife about this decision, Reynolds said, “I remember you came to me with this crazy idea. He saw Blake and said, ‘I have bad news and I have even worse news. The bad news is that I wrote to someone again from Instagram messages. The far worse news is I may have bought half of one of Wales’ fifth division national football teams,’ I said. Against what Reynolds said, Blake Lively reproached “It’s really not good at all”. Reynolds joked, “We’re still trying to get through this,” and underlined that he still doesn’t regret his decision and that McElhenney is his “best business partner.”

Reynolds also said that after acquiring Wrexham AFC, they decided to create a documentary series about their passion project, ‘Welcome to Wrexham’, which will premiere this month. The documentary series will follow Reynolds and McElhenney’s efforts to claim a tough football team. “It is very special to both of us to be the latest directors in the long and storied history of Wrexham AFC,” said Reynolds and McElhenney in a joint statement. “We can pursue our goal of growing the team and returning it to the EFL in front of the community, in front of an increased audience, and in an upgraded stadium,” they added.

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