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Rush Reunite With Geddy Lee & Alex Lifeson for ‘South Park’

We’ve sure missed them being in the limelight.

Last Wednesday, the 25th South Park anniversary concert enjoyed some Canadian diplomacy by reuniting the two living members of Rush, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, to rock out to “Closer to the Heart” as a “little surprise” for the audience. The performance came more than two years after their sorcerer of a drummer, Neil Peart, died of brain cancer — which led the duo to state that Rush was “over” as they knew it. For those who don’t worship the Tao of Cartman, the band has actually enjoyed a relationship with South Park for several years, which peaked in the late-aughts when the animated characters introduced “Tom Sawyer” during the band’s Snakes & Arrows Tour. (If you haven’t seen the video, it’s worth it for the rotisserie chicken spinning onstage alone. And, you know, music.)

“This is one of the most amazing moments of my life,” Primus founder Les Claypool, who performed alongside Lee and Lifeson, said. “When I was a young whippersnapper, in my mind the greatest human being on the planet that held a four-string hunk of furniture in his hands is that man right there, Mr. Geddy Lee. And now the handsomest man on this stage, our friend and our glorious leader, Mr. Alex Lifeson.” Really, Vulture can’t say it any better.

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