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Rose Inc’s Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizer Works on Mature Skin

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If you’re noticed that the market has been flooded with beauty and skincare lines founded by celebrities and supermodels lately, you’re not wrong. What sets Rose Inc. apart, however, is the founder (and, yes, supermodel) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s dedication to clean ingredients. Each partnership with Amyris, a science firm that has a huge hand in the clean beauty space (they’re behind a little brand called Biossance, too), proves it. This collaboration led to her skincare line and among it, the brand’s best-selling, shopper-loved moisturizer.

the Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturizer is a gel-like formula that uses tiny microbeads to deliver a “burst of intense hydration,” per the brand. InStyle commerce editor Zarah Kavarana attests that the beads burst the moment they hit your skin, leaving behind moisture “without the heaviness you’d expect from a moisturizer that delivers this level of intense plumpness and hydration,” she adds. And unlike some other gel-based moisturizers, this one is completely non-comedogenicso it won’t clog pores.

The moisturizer combines botanical ingredients like squalane, centella asiatica leaf extract (an herb known to stimulate collagen), and sunflower seed oil with common anti-aging elements like niacinamide, lactic acid, vitamin C, and peptides to create a “lightweight and cooling feel that’s perfect for the summer months,” according to Kavarana. The formula not only hydrates and improves elasticity, but also creates the look of a smooth, even skin tone and preps skin for makeup.

Reviewers on the Rose Inc site said their skin was “dewy” and “glowing” for hours after using the product. One person even called the formula “magic,” adding that the second they feel those tiny beads burst, they can tell their skin is absorbing the moisture and “it feels fantastic.” Another echoed these “fantastic” results, even for those with “dry, maturing skin.”

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