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Rihanna’s Cool Tee Admires a Rap Icon

Are we surprised that Rihanna went to the supermarket in L.A. today in a complete appearance? Never—it’s what she does no matter what the celebration is—however we were happily amazed to see the vocalist commemorate a fellow artist with her attire. Marching in a comfortable long-sleeved tee and striped swimming pool slides, her graphic top was a piece of product honoring DMX, the rap artist who passed away in 2015 (it merely check out, “R.I.P”). 

Beginning in the ’90s, DMX’s music profession was filled with hits that buzz you up, including his songs “X Gon’ Provide It To Ya” and “Celebration Up (Up In Here).” We now understand what’s on Rihanna’s Spotify playlist! It’s not the very first time the super star has actually rocked merch either: In 2016, she notoriously used a tee backing Hillary Clinton for president, and she’s even used her own Anti album merch, too. With all the designer labels at her fingertips, we like seeing Rihanna commemorate those that she discovers motivating. DMX’s effect is still plainly felt—and in honor, we’re going to continue and blast “Celebration Up” for the remainder of the day. Join us!

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