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‘Restrictions up to 10 days can be lifted’

Participating in the protocol feast held at the police house in his hometown Karabük, Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member, Başakşehir Çam and Sakura City Hospital Chief Physician Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit made statements to İHA after the feast. Stating that they are a country that shows the world how to manage such an epidemic in the most appropriate way during the Covid-19 period, Prof. Dr. Yiyit said that they are starting to eat the fruits of this too.

Noting that the last variant of the virus, Omicron, spread rapidly, but did not cause serious diseases like the old variants, everything was updated again as soon as the fact emerged. Dr. Yiyit said, “Our numbers are going down as fast as possible and this has been a good win for us. The rapidity of the reflection of our cases to the hospital encouraged us. Meetings in its current form now we have seen that Omicron is not a burden for the healthcare system and the numbers are going down trend.

Our last Scientific Committee meeting was held in the Kulliye under the chairmanship of our President, and it was decided not to hold a meeting again unless necessary. We decided to get rid of all those restrictions and all the problems that Covid-19 has brought us. It is only in question that the use of masks in public transport and especially in health facilities will continue for a while and this will be removed as soon as the daily figure falls below a thousand. I think the last remaining restrictions will be lifted in the near future, probably for a week, 10 days.

In its current state, even though the virus spread very rapidly, the general approach turned into an upper respiratory tract infection, that is, since we did not observe much lung involvement, this pushed us to act very easily. We decided to proceed in the same way we take precautions in a normal flu. We choose a roadmap where individual protection measures come to the fore during the flu season. The sick person is protecting himself. Risky patients over the age of 65 pay more attention and get their vaccinations.

After this moment, it is a period where those who are sick and at high risk of disease will take their precautions. Socially, we have no intention of any restriction or prohibition. If this virus continues as it is, it’s time to say goodbye. It’s time to stay and let go of the 2-year problem and stress we’ve been through as a 2-year event with a history in the past. This holiday has given us back the right to celebrate the holiday where we can live like a holiday after such a long time, where masks and distance are removed from us, where it is possible to shake hands and hug with peace of mind, and where the hands of our elders can be kissed. Hopefully, we do not think that we will see a serious problem in the future. The numbers are going in a way that shows us to think comfortably in this way. We’ll look at the situation again when autumn comes. At the moment, we don’t have any concerns or bad expectations,” he said.

“There is an explosion of health tourism against our country right now”

Underlining that they are a country that shows the world how to manage such an epidemic in the most appropriate way during the Covid-19 period, Prof. Dr. Nurettin Yiyit said, “In the Covid-19 process, before the epidemic entered our country, scientific committees were formed, guides and measures were created. We enlarged our hospitals by keeping our medicines ready. We have succeeded in being one of the 9 countries in the world that can produce vaccines. We have seen that we are a country that can react quickly by doing everything that can be done in the field of health. During the Covid-19 period, we became a country that showed the world how to manage such an epidemic in the most appropriate way.

We are eating the fruits of this right now. Currently, there is an explosion of health tourism against our country. Patients from all over the world flock to our country. This is an indication that our health system gave a very serious test during the pandemic period and passed it with full points. Our doctors and nurses are in demand from all over the world. Under normal circumstances, many countries do not want to take health personnel trained in other countries to their own country.

All physicians and nurses in Turkey are in incredible demand all over the world. In fact, the results of showing the most appropriate of this job during the covid-19 process. In the past, people used to compete to be referred abroad for advanced treatment, now people from abroad are racing to be transferred to Turkey. There was a queue for our citizens to come to their own country from other countries by plane ambulances. These are actually the results of our success in this process,” he said.

prof. Dr. Adding that there is no risk of a new variant or a new virus entering the country, Yiyiy said:

“Even if something like this happens, we have seen together how prepared we are. Our health infrastructure is very strong and continues to get stronger. New hospitals continue to open and new healthcare professionals continue to join the healthcare army. Now we are a country that has succeeded in producing vaccines. We will never have such a preparation process in the next period, because we have passed this stage now. We already have established and established public health practices, such as vaccination systems such as filiation. If there is a new danger, it can clearly say that we will be the country most prepared for that danger.

There is no cause for concern for now. Now is the time to meet, hug and join our hands without mask and distance. Knowing the value and value of this, first of all, everyone has to be their own doctor and nurse in terms of health. We must protect ourselves against diseases. There is no imminent danger for our country.”

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