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Renee Zellweger Says Antiaging Products Sell “Garbage”

After turning 50 three years ago, Renee Zellweger says her whole perspective on beauty shifted. In an interview with The Sunday Timesshe discussed how excited she was to leave her 20s behind, and why she thinks natural aging is so beautiful.

“Turning 50 felt like a whole new beginning without the nonsense, the point where you can stop listening to all those voices in your head and all those expectations and projections people have of you and become more authentically yourself,” she said. “Like, good luck all you suckers out there because you’ve got to survive a lot to get to my age, and I’ve earned my power and voice.”

She went on to talk about the dangers of anti-aging products and their misleading claims, arguing that you shouldn’t be in a constant battle to conceal your age. Of course, even Zellweger has been accused of trying to turn back time, writing an op-ed in the Huffington Post back in 2016 to deny the fervent rumors that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to change her face and eyes. Now, she’s setting the record straight once again, reminding the world that aging is not a dirty word.

“Good luck all you suckers out there because you’ve got to survive a lot to get to my age, and I’ve earned my power and voice.”

“All those ads telling us we don’t need to look our real age if we just buy all their creams and their fixes and all that garbage they want to sell us?” she said in the interview. “I’m like, what, you’re saying I’m not valuable any more because I’m 53? Is that what you’re saying? There is a big difference between being your absolute best, most vibrant self and wanting to be what you’re not.”

According to Zellweger, instead of fighting the natural aging process, we should accept and welcome it, learning to love our real selves instead of getting caught up in fake sales pitches. In her mind, that’s real beauty. “To be vibrant and beautiful you must embrace your age,” she said. “Otherwise you are living apologetically and to me that’s not beautiful at all.”

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