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Pizza concerns – dish, method & equipment : AskCulinary

I’m relatively brand-new to pizza-making, and reading this sub has actually actually assisted me find out. Now I have actually got a lot of brand-new concerns.
I had some good success with the dish from Roberta’s Pizza. To enhance the taste and cover for any defects in my kneading, I included a cold ferment of 48-72 hours.
I have actually now attempted a brand-new dish, by Vito Lacopelli. It utilizes a 16h poolish preparation, followed by 1h increase of the dough, ball shaping, a 2h increase, and lastly extending and baking. It was quite excellent, I liked the result of the poolish, however I’m questioning if I can include a cold ferment for enhanced increase / texture / taste. Does that make good sense? And where would this action fit in the procedure?
Likewise, I check out someplace that for cold-ferment ‘tipo 00’ flour is really not optimum; is that real?

2nd concern has to do with peel method; I discovered that speed is necessary, and I can now sort of pinch the pizza and move the peel under it, however I can’t for the life of me get it off the peel and onto the stone. This obviously produces a big mess… Exists any technique to practice this method? I have actually turned to utilizing a baking sheet, which I eliminate after a couple of minutes, however they get rather charred and I’m questioning if it’s healthy and if I can prevent it.

And while I’m at it, I think a 3rd concern has to do with pizza steel vs stone? My stone works excellent however I dislike how heavy and unclean it is, which makes me prevented from cleaning my oven in basic. Is a steel equivalent to stone and is it simpler to preserve?

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