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Pincushion little raiders in a tower defense from the director of Hit man GO

Island of Arrows is a cool, tidy tower defense that struck Steam today, and though it’s styled minimally I needed to withstand the temptation to call it “little” since it’s quite sturdy once you get stuck in. It’s solo-developed by Daniel Lutz, who formerly worked as innovative director on Hit man and Lara Croft GO at Square Enix Montreal.

Island of Arrows takes more motivation from tile-placement than conventional tower defense. Instead of highlighting upgrades, it stresses preparation and mindful positioning.

At the very same time it has the subtle dedication of a great mobile video game. You make wise options to win, however it’s greatly affected by what type of cards you get and when. It’s a shot, attempt once again type of video game that may be great for when you’re worn out or sidetracked by something else.

Each wave you get a random tile to put on your island. It may be something to extend the tower course, a tower to attack, or a tile like a garden or statue that offers you a reward. You can likewise pay cash, which you get more of each turn, to put the next drawn tile– and so on etc.

As soon as prepared you pop the button that sends out in a wave and see how you do. As soon as the wave is over you get a brand-new tile to put free of charge, however you likewise may get a random occasion like a black market to purchase things from or a video game of opportunity to win perks on. The more you get in each wave the more things you open, later on positioning structures that provide advantages to nearby towers or alter how they target, in addition to traps and other tower types.

You can discover the Island of Arrows on Steam. (opens in brand-new tab) It’s $13, or 10% off up until September 15th.

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