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Paul Haggis Allowed to Conjure Up Scientology in Rape Defense, Judge Rules

A judge ruled on Friday that director Paul Haggis will be permitted to argue at his upcoming civil trial that the Church of Scientology lags a rape accusation versus him.

Haggis is implicated of raping press agent Haleigh Breest after a best in New york city in January 2013. She sued him in 2017, and the case is set to go to trial next month. Haggis has actually declared that the encounter was consensual, which rape charge can be found in retaliation for his choice to leave the church and to end up being a singing critic of it.

Breest’s lawyers looked for to obstruct Haggis from pursuing that defense at the trial, stating it is absolutely nothing more than “speculative dream,” which Breest and her other witnesses have no connection to the church. However her judgment on Friday, Judge Sabrina Kraus permitted Haggis to raise the theory.

“The jury is entitled to be notified of any possible inspiration Complainant might have and about The Church’s efforts to reject Haggis,” Kraus composed. “Haggis must have the chance to present proof that will reveal that The Church was, in truth, looking for to involve Haggis in crippling, incorrect relating to ladies prior to Breest’s here.”

The judgment suggests that the Church of Scientology will be at concern in 2 rape trials set to start next month. In Los Angeles, star Danny Masterson is dealing with 3 criminal rape charges, which bring a prospective sentence of life in jail. Masterson belongs to the church, and his accusers have actually submitted a different civil fit declaring that the church stalked and bothered them after they reported him to the LAPD. The judge in the criminal case has actually shown she will enable some conversation of Scientology, though the defense is looking for to restrict it.

In the Haggis case, his legal representatives state there is substantial proof that the church was looking for to “discover dirt” on him prior to the rape accusation was made. Haggis, an Oscar winner for composing and directing “Crash,” notoriously left the church in 2009 over its opposition to gay marital relationship.

He consequently called the church a “cult,” and took part in a New Yorker short article that ended up being the basis for the book “Going Clear,” along with the documentary of the exact same title. Haggis’ legal representatives argue that the church concerns him in the exact same method that Iran relates to Salman Rushdie. The legal representatives likewise declare that church operatives approached to ruin Haggis with “crippling, incorrect relating to ladies” prior to the Breest lawsuits was submitted.

“Haggis is no normal accused in a civil case,” his legal representatives composed. “He is the most public opponent of an infamous, dubious, effective and well-funded organization which is understood to ruin its critics.”

Breest’s legal representatives have actually argued that the Scientology theory will sidetrack the jury and put a cloud over the case. “Haggis has actually not produced one shred of proof to support this fake story,” they argued.

Kraus likewise ruled on numerous other movements on Friday. She Breest’s demand to raise rejected that appeared versus Haggis in Italy in June. Haggis was hung on home arrest for 16 days after a female implicated him of rape. An Italian judge, nevertheless, ruled that there was inadequate proof to continue to information him.

“The case sustained because case have actually not been and were considered inadequate to keep under arrest,” Kraus composed, in declining to enable Breest to present that proof in each trial.

Breest be permitted to call 3 other “Jane Doe” who witnesses will have raised different sexual attack will versus Haggis. Because judgment, Kraus counted on a current New york city appellate judgment in the Harvey Weinstein criminal case that promoted using 3 such “prior bad acts” witnesses.

Kraus likewise gave a complainant’s movement to bar Haggis from raising his financial resources at the trial. Haggis has actually declared that Breest’s have actually almost bankrupted him by making it difficult for him to work and requiring him to invest millions on legal representatives.

Update: The Church of Scientology released a declaration following the judge’s judgment.


The church likewise called Haggis a “bilker” and stated that he had actually “conspired with anti-Scientologists to pity his own accusers by ‘implicating’ them of making their claims on behalf of the Church of Scientology.”

The church likewise contested Haggis’ claims about his factors for leaving the church, keeping in mind that the church did not take a position on Proposal 8, the 2008 California tally step that briefly forbade gay marital relationship. A church representative stated that Haggis had actually taken part in a “sham ‘resignation’” from the church.

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