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Park Chan-wook’s Choice to Leave Trailer, Release Date

Could film-trilogy master Park Chan-wook be on his method to a romance-thriller series? He thwacked us with his revenge trilogy in the early aughts, an informal series of 3 violent social dramas where characters look for well-deserved vengeance. And now, it appears like he remains in the state of mind for love. Park goes back to the scene with the romantic thriller Choice to Leave 6 long years given that Japanese colonial-era film The Handmaiden made audiences around the world horny-swoon. It’s embeded in modern-day Korea, where an investigator’s examination of a strange mountain-climbing death leads him into the arms of the dead male’s widow, a young and lovely Chinese immigrant who might have something to do with her other half’s unforeseen end. The trailer is an excessive series of fast cuts and zooms in between gritty metropolitan places and large natural landscapes as the stress in between the not likely couple strikes a fever pitch. However then a dispute emerges: Their relationship may be love, or simply a control. Long Day’s Journey Into Night‘s Tang Wei and Park Hae-il star. Choice to Leave plunges into theaters October 14.

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