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Paramore Means A New Album on Site

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2 days after the members of Paramore altered their profile photos and cleaned their authorities social networks profile other than for 2 imagesthe band is keeping their fans on their toes for a Friday statement after 5 years of no brand-new music. their site is practically blank, just noting unclear dates with numerous missing out on slots, so fans were prepared for some sort of main upgrade; after all, they are going on trip quickly. The very first date on their site was for their brand-new Discord channel (an ideal location to analyze the remainder of the dates), and the next significant the Wednesday when they cleaned out their social networks. For Friday, September 9, they identified it “wr0ng,” perhaps teasing that Paramore may be revealing something at midnight (typically when brand-new music gets launched.) Midnight passed and no brand-new music got here. Nevertheless, the night (or day) is still young. The band might perhaps make a statement on Hayley Williams’s BBC Sounds podcast Whatever is Emo, the very same podcast where she verified that Paramore is dealing with a brand-new album. the option (and heartbreaking) other theory is that it simply may be a ridiculous little trick to get fans prepared to begin spreading out even larger news; I indicate, they do desire fans to do simply that on September 19.

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