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OMODA adopts new design concept, deeply integrating surrealism and arts

Doha: OMODA, the first SUV model of Chery Automobile targeted towards the global market, is also the first new model developed under the brave new “Art in Motion” design concept.

“Art in Motion” is a design concept that explores more expansion and balance between motion and stillness, providing young people with a more free and fashionable travel space independent of the real world. Therefore, the design ethos of “light and shadow” for OMODA is generated: the light presents a distinct dynamic beauty moment by moment, illustrating infinite possibilities between the perfect match of light and shade. It caters to the preferences of the young generation in the new era around the world, thus catering to the preferences of global consumers.

The highlight of “Art in Motion” of OMODA in the design process is embodied in the design of “integrated shining grille”: the diamond cut geometric matrix grille extends from the middle to both sides, creating a “parallel universe” where dreams closely relate to reality through the perfect match of light and shadow. The concept of “parallel universe” has many similarities with the living conditions of the young generation in the new era: they pursue freedom and independence in social games, share happiness from ACGN in different worlds, and use VR technology to create their own virtual worlds . Just like the “parallel universe”, they will enjoy a dreamlike journey while experiencing the beautiful scenery along the way.

The goal of “Art in Motion” is to become the design language that caters best to young people in the new era, leading a surreal trend in international automobile design.

In terms of the body modeling, every design detail in “Art in Motion” reflects fashionable elements. With the golden ratio of Pythagoras, the designer has made the height-width ratio of OMODA accurate to 0.8677. The light shines from the dome to the front face, showing a fashion beauty of great visual impact.

The flowing light and shadow, like an artist’s engraving, outlines the sharp waist line and creates flexible lines with a strong sense of strength and movement.

The flowing lines continue unbroken across and terminate at the tail in the change of the light and shadow, outlining a perfect fastback shape, providing the whole body with elegant and fashionable lines and radiating enough momentum to take off. When OMODA runs in the metropolis in light and shadow, the movement of the 18-inch two-color blade wheels highlights the characteristics of fashionable and modern.

In terms of the front of the vehicle with the design of “Art in Motion”, the integrated matrix grille harmoniously incorporates the light and shadow, and twinkles like stars. Equipped with the sci-fi split combination vision of LED dynamic sharp headlights, the dazzling lights highlight the personality of young people to push the limits and pursue freedom.

At the heart of “Art in Motion” is the double-layer sports tail – the light shines on the tail in the perfect match of light and shadow, making the vehicle more stable and lighter when driving. At the same time, by force of the X-through LED tail lights, turn lights, a large number of vertical lighting sets for interior decoration and the floating roof, OMODA displays strong artistic beauty and sports fashion, and is more eye-catching.

When light and shadow meet in the cabin, a distinct atmosphere is created. Technology and fantasy are the themes of the cabin space: the two-color matching of sports seats, together with the “64-color rhythmic ambient lighting”, presents an attractive fantasy interior. The 10.25-inch duplex screen featured with linkage, boundlessness and super definition brings ultra-clear vision. The visual focus of the fantasy is the “electronic crystal mapping handle” of the driving seat. Lights meet here, surrounded by shadows, thereby leading the trend.

With the birth of the new design language “Art in Motion”, OMODA is an excellent fashion item to highlight personality for global young consumers in the new era. In addition, powered by its world-class travel technology strength, OMODA has created a “parallel universe” for new consumers around the world to provide them with the perfect travel experience.

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