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Oh, Adrian! Ranking the 40 best quotes from all six ‘Rocky’ movies

Rocky Balboa is one the most enduring characters in movie history and that legacy has continued for nearly five decades. But before Sylvester Stallone takes on his iconic role on screen again in “Creed III” later this year, 2022 also marks the 40th anniversary of “Rocky III”.

Going back all the way in time to his boxing days in the 1976 Academy Award-winning original film and its five sequels through the fully eponymous sixth edition, here’s looking at the most memorable quotes from the Rocky franchise, from Rocky, his friends ,and his foes:

Ranking the 40 best quotes from the “Rocky” movie series

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40. “To all my love slaves out there: Thunderlips is here. In the flesh, baby. The ultimate male versus… the ultimate meatball. Ha, ha, ha.”

Thunderlips, aka Hulk Hogan, becoming a Hulkamaniac in Rocky III

39. “Listen, he’s only a man. You can beat him because you’re a tank. You’re a greasy, fast, 200-pound Italian tank.”

Mickey Goldmill, reminding Rocky Balboa that he’s the Italian Stallion in Rocky II

38. “Like your Popeye, he ate his spinach every day.”

— Ludmilla Drago on why her husband Ivan is so strong in Rocky IV

37. “If he dies, he dies.”

— Ivan Drago being matter of fact in Rocky IV

36. “We always have to be in the middle of the action ’cause we’re the warriors. And without some challenge, without some damn war to fight then the warriors might as well be dead, Stallion. Now I’m asking you — as a friend — stand by my side this one last time.”

Apollo Creed getting emotional and motivational one last time in Rocky IV

35. “Get up you son of a bitch! ‘Cause Mickey loves you!”

Mickey Goldmill, in an emotional, motivational flashback in Rocky V

34. “Yo, Adrian, we did it… We did it.”

Rocky Balboa’s famous callback line in Rocky Balboa

33. “You are one crazy old man.” … “You’ll get there.”

Mason “The Line” Dixon and Rocky Balboa, sharing facts in Rocky Balboa

32. “Now remember, I want 500 hard ones. Go!”

Mickey Goldmill demanding Rocky Balboa to abuse a punching bag

31. “I was wonderin’ if, uh, you wouldn’t mind marryin’ me very much.”

— Rocky Balboa’s proposing to Adrian Pennino in Rocky II

30. “Apollo Creed meets the Italian Stallion. Now that sounds like a damn monster movie.”

Apollo Creed, challenging feeling Samuel L. (or Action) Jackson in Rocky

29. “I want you outta here instamatically.”

— Paulie Pennino, channeling Yogi Berra in Rocky

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28. “Your nose is broken.” … “How does it look?” … “Oh, it’s an improvement.”

Mickey Goldmill complimenting Rocky Balboa about his injured schnozz in Rocky

27. “When we fought, you had that eye of the tiger, man; the edge! And now you gotta get it back, and the way to get it back is to go back to the beginning. You know what I mean?

Apollo Creed motivating Rocky Balboa with Survivor lyrics in Rocky III

26. “You’re wearing your anatomy out for charity. Nobody else does this much for charity.”

Mickey Goldmill on Rocky Balboa’s philanthropy in Rocky III

25. “Maybe I can’t win. Maybe the only thing I can do is just take everything he’s got. But to beat me he’s gonna have to kill me, and to kill me he’s gotta have the guts to stand in front of me, and to do that he’s gotta be willin’ to die himself. I don’t know if he’s ready to do that. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

Rocky Balboa talking himself into fighting Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

24. “Do you like having a good time? Then you need a good watch!”

— Rocky Balboa getting punny with Adrian Pennino in Rocky II

23. “I feel like a Kentucky Fried Idiot!”

— Rocky Balboa, objecting to Mickey Goldmill make him chase chickens in training, in Rocky II

22. You gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”

Rocky Balboa motivating his son in Rocky Balboa

21. “You’re gonna eat lightnin’ and you’re gonna crap thunder!”

Mickey Goldmill motivating Rocky Balboa in Rocky and Rocky II

20. “Yeah, to you it’s Thanksgiving; to me it’s Thursday.”

Rocky Balboa, motivating himself in Rocky

19. “Every once in a while a person comes along who defies the odds, who defies logic, and fulfills an incredible dream.”

— The Mayor of Philadelphia celebrating Rocky Balboa in Rocky III

18. “I just want to say hi to my girlfriend, okay? Yo, Adrian! It’s me, Rocky.”

Rocky Balboa’s reminding everyone he has a girlfriend in Rocky

17. “Why do you wanna fight? … Because I can’t sing or dance.”

Adrian Pennino questioning Rocky Balboa in Rocky

16. You’re gonna have to go through hell, worse than any nightmare you’ve ever dreamed. But when it’s over, I know you’ll be the one standing. You know what you have to do. do it.

Duke Evers motivating Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV

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15. “The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me , or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life.”

Rocky Balboa motivating his son (again) in Rocky Balboa

14. “You and me, we don’t even have a choice.”

— Apollo Creed on why he had to fight Ivan Drago in Rocky IV

13. “I think we make a real sharp couple of coconuts – I’m dumb, you’re shy, Whaddaya think, huh?”

Rocky Balboa waxing all poetic with Adrian Pennino in Rocky

12. “Except for my kid being born, this is the greatest night in the history of my life.”

Rocky Balboa dissing Rocky Jr. in Rocky II

11th. “If you stop this fight I’ll kill ya!”

Rocky Balboa not wanting to stop fighting in Rocky

10. “He’s not getting killed, he’s getting mad!”

Paulie Pennino recognizing Rocky Balboa’s game face in Rocky III

9. “Nobody owes nobody nothin’. You owe yourself”

— Rocky Balboa recognizing Paulie Pennino’s attitude in Rocky III

8. “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.”

Rocky Balboa giving Rocky Jr. advice in Rocky IV

7. “Cause all I wanna do is go the distance.”

Rocky Balboa channeling Field of Dreams in Rocky

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6. “If I can change, and you can change, everybody can change.”

Rocky Balboa inspiring Russians in Rocky IV

5. “You ain’t so bad, you ain’t so bad, you ain’t nothin’. C’mon, champ hit me in the face! My mother hits harder than that!”

Rocky Balboa talking trash to Clubber Lang in Rocky III

4. “I don’t hate Balboa. I pity the fool!”

— Clubber Lang talking trash to Rocky Balboa in Rocky III

3. “I must break you!”

Ivan Drago talking more serious trash in Rocky IV

2. “Yo, Adrian, I did it!”

Rocky Balboa, saying he couldn’t do it without Adrian (again) in Rocky II

1. “It ain’t about how hard you hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward; how much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done!”

Rocky Balboa sharing his life’s wisdom in Rocky Balboa


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