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Offbeat Fulfills Progressive, A New Story: Idea Korea SS23

Idea Korea starts its homecoming to NYFW, manifesting the stories of a few of South Korea’s many intangible visionaries.

Idea Korea starts its homecoming to NYFW, manifesting the stories of a few of South Korea’s many intangible visionaries.

Idea Korea, a South-Korea federal government sponsored group of designers working to master their craft, dropped their 3 part designer series at this year’s NYFW. Jae Hyuk Lim and Bona Kim of BESFXXK, A-Young Kim of CAHIERS, and Seong Dong Lee of Ul: kin debuted their newest Spring Summertime 2023 collections in an imitable lineup of styles showing a reverse variety of imagination and truthful screens of workmanship.

Whether through an advanced or a juxtapose design with performance, 3 designers highlight the duality of their innovative praxis. By utilize of upcycled, deadstock, or sourcing conventional products, all looks radiate their own mix of sweeping styles and fresh-offbeat stories.


Completely relentless force, BESFXXK’s core style values is through their signature techniques of experimentation. Abiding by the brand name’s name (bespoke + screwed up), the collection has fun with the deconstruction and restoration of customized shapes. Breaking down classics like the raincoat and cigarette smoking sports jacket, Jae Hyuk Lim and Bona Kim restore the pieces with modern-day information that juxtapose design with performance. Innovative mixes in between types and products warp history and styles– a mixed drink gown integrating technical material, a Victorian design windbreaker, a sports jacket including unforeseen products– transforming conventional shapes with a modern-day touch.

BESFXXK Look15 Large
BESFXXK Look8 Large
BESFXXK Look7 Large
BESFXXK Look4 Large
BESFXXK Look1 Large


CAHIERS’ branch of the collection welcomes the audience to Toledo, the ancient capital of Spain– a city frozen in middle ages Europe. The extensive history of the city’s representation throughout religious beliefs is revealed through the culture and architecture. Recording the charm of coexistence, the streaming lines and blended textures are similar to the architecture with an amalgamation of superb arabesque patterns discovered in Islamic representations and balance from Romanesque gothic spires and magnificent stained glass. Created for the multi-faceted lady, each garment perfectly merges the motivations.

CAHIERS Look2 Large
CAHIERS Look6 Large
CAHIERS Look17 Large
CAHIERS Look18 Large
CAHIERS Look20 Large


Ul: kin designer Seong Dong Lee reconditions his visionary method to style, equating social concerns into the language of style. Adventurous and bold, the collection is influenced by magnet fishing– the act of utilizing magnets as bait to fish for metal items immersed in water. A sign of both promoting interest and the exercise of eliminating trash that rusts and contaminates water quality, the style shows the saying of offering a male a fish versus mentor him to fish. Questioning what we need to be teaching the next generation, Lee’s response stays constant through his distinct usage of up-cycling, integrating deserted fishing tools and equipment, presenting information like mesh and multi-pockets.

ulkin Look23 Large
ulkin Look21 Large
ulkin Look20 Large
ulkin Look16 Large
ulkin Look13 Large
ulkin Look9 Large
ulkin Look6 Large
ulkin Look3 Large
ulkin Look1 Large
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