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NHL thinking about World Cup play-in for 2024, uncertain on Russians, commissioner Costs Daly states

HENDERSON, Nev.– The NHL is thinking about a play-in competition for the 2024 World Cup of Hockey that would be held straight prior to the February occasion.

” For 2024, we might do a mini-qualifier as part of the competition,” NHL deputy commissioner Costs Daly informed ESPN on Thursday throughout the Gamer Media Trip here.

The NHL and the NHLPA are exercising information for the very first World Cup of Hockey because 2016, targeting a 17-day window in February 2024 that would disrupt the 2023-24 routine season.

There are no strategies to restore 2 novelty groups from the 2016 competition: Group The United States and Canada, which was a 23-and-under team, and Group Europe, which was consisted of gamers who didn’t have nationwide groups in the competition. Group Europe made the 2016 World Cup last, losing to Group Canada.

Rather, the expectation is that 10 nationwide groups will participate in the 2024 World Cup of Hockey, with 2 groups removed in the credentials round to develop an eight-team field. It’s anticipated that would consist of returning nationwide groups Canada, Group U.S.A., Sweden, Finland, the Czech Republic and a group representing Russia. The other nationwide groups might consist of Switzerland, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Norway and others.

The broadened field would provide the NHL an opportunity to display prominent gamers that may otherwise not take part in the World Cup, like Edmonton Oilers star Leon Draisaitl of Germany, Nashville Predators defenseman Roman Josi of Switzerland and Montreal Canadiens very first general choice Juraj Slafkovsky of Slovakia.

” If they get involved on some basis, then you cover your bases a bit,” Daly stated.

For future World Cups, the NHL stated it would preferably hold the play-in competition at the end of the preceding summertime.

Another concern dealing with the 2024 World Cup of Hockey is how to manage Russia’s participation, due to the continuous war in Ukraine. While Daly stated it was prematurely to identify how Russia would appear on the planet Cup, he stated Russian gamers will take part in the occasion.

” Definitely, we ‘d like that and I believe our Russian gamers would like that. So we would definitely like to accommodate them in some reputable method,” he stated.

That might indicate taking a comparable technique to the Olympics and having Russian gamers completing however not under their nationwide group’s name and flag.

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