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New wave of coronavirus is coming – NeBuNeO

The result of a study conducted in South Africa, which is one of the countries where the Omicron variant, the most mutated type of the Corona virus, was first detected, revealed that the threat of the coronavirus epidemic is not over yet.

Scientists who shared the results of the research with the public announced that the sub-variants of the Omicron variant, named BA.4 and BA.5, succeeded in defeating the antibodies.

In the study conducted by the African Health Research Institute, the blood values ​​of those who had coronavirus were examined. Scientists found that those who had more coronavirus did not provide antibodies to the BA.4 and BA.5 variants of the Omicron variant.

According to Sözcü, experts examining the blood values ​​stated that the antibody production levels of those who managed to survive the coronavirus decreased by about 8 times. On the other hand, he found that the levels of antibodies against the new virus of those who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus have decreased by 3 times. Scientists stated that patients who survived the coronavirus should still not let their guard down.

The scientists took blood samples from 24 people who had survived the original Omicron variant, 8 people who had the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and 7 people who had the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

‘Probability of protection is very low’

Experts who conducted the research that has not yet been published in a peer-reviewed journal, “The antibody levels against BA.4 and BA.5 variants of Omicron are very low, especially the non-vaccine group is very unlikely to be protected against the symptomatic disease” made the announcement.

Scientists, “There is a possibility that BA.4 and BA.5 potentially create a new epidemic wave” made a prediction.

The shared results came at the same time as the number of cases increased again in South Africa, where the Omicron variant was first seen. On Saturday, Covid-19 was detected in 6527 people in the country. At the end of March, there were 581 cases in the country.



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