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Netflix Purchases Robert Downey Sr. Doc, Preparation Oscars Press

Image: Thanks To Netflix

Netflix appears to think that even after death has actually done them part, the Downeys can do it. per The Hollywood Press Reporterthe banner is preparing a “full-fledged” Oscars promote Sr.., the documentary about the life and work of the late filmmaker Robert Downey Sr.. This actually individual job is Downeys all the method down — Robert Downey Jr. is a manufacturer on the movie, which is co-produced by Group Downey, the business that Downey Jr. established with his spouse, Susan Downey. Sr. premiered at the Telluride Movie Celebration previously this month, and is set to drop on Netflix prior to completion of 2022. The Downeys have actually explained the movie as an “non-traditional, oft ridiculous, completely extensive tribute,” and Downey Jr. is anticipated to assist project for Academy Award factor to consider. apparently, Sr. covers subjects from death to generational dysfunction. Simply as Marvel checked out Tony Stark’s connection to Howard Stark, Sr. will highlight the relationship in between Downey Jr. and his father. Downey Cinematic Universe, here we come.

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