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Netflix has renewed Hilda for a third and final season – UPS Mag

Hilda, a long-running Netflix Original kids series, will return for a third and final season. This comes after the release of The Mountain King, which was thought to be the final installation of Hilda’s journey. Much has already been said about Hilda’s third season, so let’s get started.
Before we move forward, let’s take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been. Hilda: The Series is based on the same-named graphic novels by Luke Pearson.

The series premiered on Netflix in September 2018, and since then, two seasons have been released, as well as a movie (which was previously thought to be the final entry but is no longer) that was released on New Year’s Eve 2021. Hilda and the Mountain King was the title of the movie, which depicted Hilda waking up in the body of a troll and having to figure out how to return to her human form in order to save the city of Trolberg.

Hilda was renewed for a third season when?

In February 2022, Animation Magazine quietly announced the news of a third season as part of issue 317.
They confirm in the article that a third and final season is on the way. The author of Hilda, Luke Pearson, has confirmed a few key details about the upcoming third and final season.
Hilda’s third season will consist of 13 episodes. Emerald Wright-Collie has been promoted to associate producer on the series, while Monique Simmon has been promoted to series producer.
It’s worth noting that several “leaks” occurred in late 2021, sharing certain third-season scripts and implying that certain voice actors have begun and/or completed their work on the third season.

Season 3 has a couple of episode titles as well, including:


Season 3 of Hilda has yet to be given a release date, but we’ll keep you updated.
Meanwhile, if you’re a big Hilda fan, we recommend checking out HildaTheSeries on Reddit, which is a very active community dedicated to everything Hilda. There’s a lot of speculation about the third season there, including this one, which hopes that Hilda will develop a long-term fear in the final season.

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