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‘My Police officer’ Stars to Run As Supporting Stars

Picture: Prime Video/YouTube

Stars supporting other stars. What could be more heartening in these attempting times? In spite of the movie’s combined reception at TIFF, Amazon Studios is moving forward with Oscars projects for the cast of My Police officer. range is reporting that all 6 — um, can’t call them leads — centerpieces of the film will be sent as supporting stars. It makes a particular quantity of sense, as the movie is divided in between 2 ages in the 3 protagonist’ lives: the Emma Corrin–Harry Styles–David Dawson age and the Gina McKee–Linus Roache–Rupert Everett age. Still, in in 2015’s The Lost Child, Olivia Colman was chosen for Finest Starlet while her past-tense equivalent, Jessie Buckley, remained in Supporting.

the My Cop imaginative group might be seeking to prevent an especially untidy Finest Star race this awards season. The divide in between individuals’s love for Brendan Fraser and their wariness of yet another fat fit, a great efficiency from Hugh Jackman in a movie that Vulture’s Critics newsletter called “mentally fradulent,” and a Steven Spielberg self-insert character? Do not stress, Oscars. My Cop is sitting this one out.

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