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Murad’s New Deep Relief Acne Treatment Promises to Banish Pimples

If you’ve ever felt the painful bump of an underground pimple ready to rear its ugly head, there’s a fresh new product from Murad designed to help keep you in the clear — in fact, it’s launching today.

the science-backed skincare line that both customers and dermatologists have grown to trust over the years just unveiled its brand new Deep Relief Acne Treatment, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. The official press release describes it as a “powerful leave-on formula that’s stacked with actives and skin-healing ingredients” that creates a second skin-like layer to seal in the goodness and get right to the bottom of the breakout.

While this one is new to the market, it’s already racked up positive reviews and nodes of approval from experts in the field.

“I used this product day and night and saw drastic improvement in my skin within only a few days. This product shrank my pimples, really calmed my redness, and definitely helped prevent future breakouts. I also really liked that the formula feels hydrating,” one reviewer shared.

Several other reviews touched on its fast-acting effectiveness — almost like getting a cortisone shot at a dermatologist’s office — so we asked Dr. Murad himself for his take.

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“Cortisone shots are administered as a common and effective treatment to relieve the swelling, redness, and tenderness associated with inflammatory acne, but they are often expensive and sometimes painful,” Dr. Murad tells PEOPLE. “This treatment is a very different experience to getting an injection, but research shows that phytosteroid and cortisone shots act on similar pathways to help activate soothing.”

Intrigued as ever, we tapped experts to get their opinions on how this product may just save us all time and money in the long run.

“Using 2 percent salicylic acid, this treatment can be a great option to help reduce stubborn breakouts,” board-certified dermatologist Dr. Marisa Garshick of MDCS Dermatology tells PEOPLE. “The invisible film-forming polymer helps to enhance penetration, while the phytosteroid complex works to reduce redness and soothe the skin.”

Dr. Muneeb Shah echoed this sentiment, noting that the ingredients found in the Deep Relief Acne Treatment “target many of the root causes of acne — including bacteria, inflammation, and clogged pores — so it’s a smart solution to have on hand.”

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