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Mod simply directly puts ULTRAKILL into Devil Might Cry 5 and it works

Have you ever questioned what would occur if you made Nero and Dante and Vergil into something arguably-more-murderous? Well, one modder has actually questioned simply that and after that acted on this idea: Behold, the robotics of Ultrakill (opens in brand-new tab) brought into Devil Might Cry 5. (opens in brand-new tab)

Ultrakill is a wild trip of a retro-shooter that has robotics bathing in the blood of their opponents to recover, which in our Chris Livingston’s viewpoint is “much more metal than DOOM.” (opens in brand-new tab) Devil Might Cry 5 is a 3rd individual action fighter in a renowned series that we’re all still a bit peeved we didn’t get the correct scandal sheet of on PC. (opens in brand-new tab)

Made by modder sparkie1j, the Ultrakill Megapack series of mods hugely mashes one video game into the other like a stylish 2010s tee shirt website, other than with a degree of taste and ability rather. It likewise has work by modders Haise, sugarflow, and jacksys.

The mods do a great deal of things: The knucklebuster, shotgun, some swords, the whiplash arm, sentry head– it’s a lot, ok? Their essential function, actually, is to put modder SamuelJB’s designs of robotics V1 and V2 into DMC5 together with a suite of swords and weapons created by other modders. When you have actually done that, well, bam: Devil Might Cry with ironical boomer shooter gunbots.

Ultrakill Megapack 2 is in fact an extension in a series of mods including increasingly more Ultrakill things to DMC5. Previous packs in the series did smaller sized things, however this brand-new pack’s additions of things like the rocket launcher and knucklebuster make it a lot more iconically Ultrakill.

Truthfully, to me, the funniest part of this is how downplayed the mod description is on Nexusmods. “A substantial mod pack to change a lot of dmc 5 things with ULTRAKILL things” checks out the description. Nonplussed, as though it did not include numerous hours of work and research study to pull this off.

You can discover Ultrakill Megapack Act 2 on Nexusmods. (opens in brand-new tab) It depends on the previous mods in the series. You can discover directions on how that works, however the narrative is that you require to set up v1 over nero, BIBLE, and Ultrakill Megapack 1 initially, because order.

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