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Melodious music enthrals audience – The Hindu

The second day of the Ragapriya 53 rd anniversary concerts witnessed Carnatic vocal recital of duo Anahita and Apoorva, who were accompanied by TVM Sampath, on the violin, Palakkad Maheshkumar on the mrudangam and Thenkasi Paramasivam on the khanjira.

The siblings started off with Tacchur Singarachari’s Varnam “Ninnu kori Yunna” in Raga Vasantha, in which the composer expresses his longing for Lord Krishna,.“Anai Mugatone” by Dandapani Desigar, the song Desigar used to commence his concerts, on the Siddhi Vinayaka shrine at the Potramarai Kulam in Madurai’s Meenakshi temple, in Raga Deva Manohari , was the sisters next rendition.

The vocalists then went on to sing the blissful “ shambo mahadeva” by Saint Thyagaraja in Raga Panthuvarali/kaamavardhani, in which the saint pleads for devotion at the lotus feet of Lord of Kovur Sundaresha.

The presiding deity of Madurai, Goddess Meenakshi was worshiped through “Mayamma Yanine” (Nyayama Meenakshi Amma) by Shyama Sastri in Raga Ahiri. Gavambodhi (the 43 rd Melakarta Raga meaning The teacher of the cows) in which the duos guru Ravikiran, has composed “Varam Thantha Perumale” on “Thirumaliruncholai Kallalagar”, was rendered beautifully and effortlessly.

The perfect synchronization of their voices was witnessed in the main raga of the evening “ Mohanam” for the composition of Thiruvaroor Ramasamy Pillai’s “Jagadeeswari Kripai Puri”. It was a harmonious, fluent and melodious rendering with perfect support and co ordination from violinist TVM Sampath. In the Tani that followed both Palakkad Maheshkumar on the mridangam and Thenkasi Paramasivam on the khanjira won a round of applause. The rendering was well embellished with Kalpana swaras and had the melody to bring out the requisite rasam of the raga.

The final pieces included “Muddu gare yashoda” by Tallapaka Annamacharya in kurinji, Viruttam “Maniye Maniyin Oliye” followed by “Karunai Deivame Karpagame”, composed by Madurai Srinivasan in the raga Sindhu Bhairavi and “Alai Payuthe Kanna” of Othukbaiyer. Venkada

S Padmanabhan

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