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Meanings Behind Chase Stokes’s 6 Tattoos

  • “Outer Banks”‘s Chase Stokes has six understood tattoos thus far.
  • The designs range between dedications to ones that are loved symbols like hearts and roses.
  • We’re breaking down each of Stokes’s tattoos and their meanings.

Chase Stokes doesn’t post much on Instagram, so whenever he does, fans zoom in on every detail. The actor uploaded a mirror selfie with his arm covered in small tattoos, leading many fans to wonder about the extent of his ink collection.

Ever on Aug. 23, for example since Stokes rose to stardom on Netflix’s hit teenager drama series “Outer Banks,” which premiered in 2020, he’s rarely talked about his tattoos or the meanings behind them, so a lot of information surrounding his body art still remains a mystery april. However, we do know he has at least six known designs so far, including a memorial tattoo dedicated to a late one that is loved an intricate rose tattoo, and a tiny heart tattoo.

It’s well worth noting many pieces in Stokes’s collection take different dots of their hands and neck area, unless he either wears a tank top or lifts his shirt so they can’t be seen. Luckily, though, he’s shared a few sneak peeks at his collection that is tattoo on, also during interviews plus in paparazzi pictures.

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}(document));So, How tattoos that are many Stokes have and what do they all mean? While you wait for “Outer Banks” to return for a season that is third read exactly about Stokes’s tattoo collection right here. You may simply find some you have not seen before.(*)

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