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Liz M Clarke Reviews Jackson’s Pouring Medium

We asked abstract painter Liz M Clarke to check the brand-new Jackson’s Pouring Medium to see how it carried out for her design of put painting. Here she shares her strategy of preparing the paint to be put and brushed onto the surface area, in addition to her findings on the attributes of Jackson’s Pouring Medium.


Liz M Clarke examines Jackson’s Pouring Medium

A number of weeks ago Jackson’s asked me if I’d have an interest in examining the brand-new Jackson’s Pouring Medium. I hadn’t utilized it prior to however have actually just recently been happily amazed at the quality of Jackson’s Artist products in previous purchases, so I was delighted to see how their brand name of Putting Medium would hold up to my typical go to and work within my practice.



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The very first thing I did after getting my products was to decant a bit of the medium from the bottle and examine it. The consistency of the item itself is extremely fluid, as anticipated, nevertheless more so in contrast to other brand names like Liquitex, as it is a fair bit thinner and less thick. It likewise has a little an odor, however isn’t subduing and even extremely obvious – specifically when blended in with paint which is good.



I liked the simple, very little product packaging and style of it, though I do want it were readily available in a couple of various size choices, as the big 1L bottle can be rather troublesome when attempting to distribute little and precise quantities of it at a time, as I do.

I made a little a mess, with a great deal of medium diminishing the sides of the bottle, getting on my hands and losing some item. Nevertheless, that being stated, this little criticism most likely isn’t as much of a problem for others who utilize bigger quantities of it. On a favorable note, I discovered it simple to clean off the skin where other mediums can be persistent because regard.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 12 scaled


I chose I wished to develop a couple of vibrant abstract works to check out the Pouring Medium and Jackson’s were kind adequate to send out across a couple of surface areas to experiment on with it: a number of nestled painting panels and a premium cotton canvas. I approach preparing my surface areas, which generally include smooth gradients and bursts of spray painted colour.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 30 scaled

Liz preparing a Jackson’s Single Premium Cotton Canvas utilizing a Jackson’s White Synthetic Mottler Brush 75 mm


Whilst waiting on these layers to dry, I started blending the paints I utilize on top of the ready backgrounds, which I generally use in puddles and after that brush through or frequently toss onto my surface area in spontaneous motions.

I decided to utilize a Pouring Medium within my paint mix, together with pure water, as it enables me to extend the paint even more, make it smoother and simpler to brush through, and assists to keep the stability, saturation and vibrancy of the paint undamaged.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 10


Great deals of time and care is taken when blending my paints and because I presently utilize a mix of both Talens: Amsterdam Acrylic Paint and Winsor & Newton Acrylic Paint, I wished to check how both connected with Jackson’s Pouring Medium prior to utilizing it on my surface areas.

I did this by producing a couple of drip tests on pieces of card to check the fluidity of each brand name of paint with Jackson’s Pouring Medium, compared side by side with Liquitex Pouring Medium.

The exact same premix of acrylic paint and pure water was utilized for the tests with each of the Pouring Mediums, and on this event I checked Amsterdam Blue-green Green and Winsor & Newton Opera Rose (both were blended in a ratio of 60% paint – 40% water).


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 2 scaled


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 3 scaled


I discovered that in spite of the Jackson’s Pouring Medium being runnier in consistency at first, after being blended with the paint it really ended up being thicker- just a little so for the Amsterdam paint- however rather significantly so with the Winsor & Newton in contrast to the Liquitex blends.

I covered the paints and returned a couple of hours later on after letting them sit unblemished, as I wished to see if that made a distinction, and if I had actually produced a couple of air bubbles whilst blending, they would have vanished already, however the paints were the same.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 7 scaled


In spite of the a little thicker consistency, I still actually delighted in utilizing this Jackson’s Pouring Medium, as the paints had fantastic fluidity for the function I utilize them for and permitted energetic brushstrokes through the puddles, while likewise providing the paint enough body to hold its shape and stagnate with gravity.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 8


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 16


I likewise discovered myself actually taking pleasure in the nestled panels and discovered them to be an excellent suitable for my practice. It permitted a smoother application of brushstrokes, and when dry, kept the information popular, where they can often get lost in the texture of the canvas.

I did discover the drying time of the paint on the nestled panels to be substantially longer than on the canvas, nevertheless I was delighted with each of the dried results.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 13 scaled


The gloss surface of the Pouring Medium triggered the pieces to dry with a great shine, permitting the brush strokes and bursts of energy on the top to be a little more noticable versus the remainder of the piece.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 19 scaled


The consistency of the paint and the density of its application in specific locations indicated that the pieces dried with a somewhat 3 dimensional result, which I definitely like, as I frequently like to stress my art work with extra textured strokes when dry.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 25 scaled


Lastly, the colours themselves were still rather saturated, which is fantastic, due to the fact that I frequently utilize a great deal of fluorescent colours that are transparent/semi transparent so can frequently dry and get lost in the background.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 20 scaled


Total I’m amazed with the quality and applicability of Jackson’s Pouring Medium. The residential or commercial properties of the medium are extremely helpful to my strategy, which, combined with being very excellent worth for cash compared to other high quality expert Pouring Mediums, might make it – together with a few of Jackson’s Cradled Painting Panels– a staple in my art products that I absolutely advise to others.


Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 18 scaled


About Liz M Clarke

Liz Clarke is a self-taught acrylic artist based simply beyond Winchester, UK.

She produces vibrant abstract paintings that break with fantastic colour, movement and fluidity as she checks out and studies motion, colour relationships, striking kinds and the materiality of acrylic paint in its various formats. Her work mentions minutes in time, of putting and recording inner impulses straight onto canvas and stressing the physical act of painting as a crucial part of this procedure.

Through sharing her procedures and completed deal with social networks platforms, she has actually because gotten worldwide attention and offers her work individually both in your area and worldwide.

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Liz M Clarke Pouring Medium 24



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