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Listed below Deck Medication’s Kyle Viljoen Sounds Off on That Battle

Listed Below Deck Mediterranean‘s Kyle Viljoen has actually discovered himself in rough waters with fellow stew Natalya Scudder.

On the Oct. 10 episode of the hit Bravo series, the team mates entered a yelling match after Natalya implicated Kyle of slacking on the task.

When Natalya faced him for not cleaning up a visitor’s VIP space, Kyle blew up, informing her, “If you believe you’re going to come for me like you come for everybody else, you are f–king incorrect. I will put you right in your location, believe me. I’m not going to consume your bulls–t like you can tease everybody else…I’ll change that bitch off in 2 f–king seconds.”

Now, Kyle is exposing what actually result in his huge blowup.

“I bit my tongue method too long,” Kyle specifically informed E! News, including that fans might see “the accumulation” of their stress “throughout the season.”

Nevertheless, he called the battle “one that I’m definitely not happy with since the inner devil inside me emerges throughout that minute.”

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