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Lilac Moss Reveals Kate Moss’s Secret Love of Tracksuits

Few people would consider Kate Moss’s style anything but chic, but her own daughter, Lila Moss, didn’t think much of her mom’s clothes until very recently. “In the last three or four years, I’ve realized that her style is actually really cool,” the 19-year-old model told British Vogue in what’s somehow her first of the magazine’s cover stories. “I’m having to admit it now.” Largely because she’s picked up the habit of raiding her mom’s wardrobe, most often going for her Chanel 2.55 bags and coats by Saint Laurent.

Kate, Lila continued, returns the favor in a manner she’d prefer to keep secret: Lila is her supplier for the Adidas tracksuits she’s apparently too ashamed to buy for herself. “She She does n’t have a good trackies selection. She she only has pajamas,” Lila said. “She She probably would hate me saying that. She she does n’t want anyone to know she wears trackies. ” (In that case, we’re guessing she wouldn’t touch sweatpants with a 10-foot pole.)

Kate declined to give the magazine a quote, wanting to keep the spotlight on Lila. But she’s opened up about Lila’s influence on her appearance in other ways in the past, telling Harper’s Bazaar that Lila, not every decades of modeling experience, is the reason why she finally knows a thing or two about beauty after so many years of eschewing a skincare routine. “She teaches me everything,” Kate said. “Lila and her friends follow all the beauty blogs and Instagram accounts, and she’ll be like, ‘Mum, you have to try this. She does all that contouring and stuff, which I’m sure they do to me when I’m at work, but I never pay any attention—I’m too busy talking.” Sounds like we’d sooner see her give contouring a go than ever step out in a trackie.

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