Valentino takes his collaboration with Lewis Hamilton one step further. A seven-time Formula 1 World Champion, Hamilton is also one of Valentino’s brand ambassadors. Hamilton, who has been displayed with Valentino styles many times, is now the face of the Pink PP campaign with Valentino’s first DI.VA collection.

Representing two different values, DI.VA underlines the efforts of Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli on human rights and diversity. “Equal rights for all,” Lewis said in his short Instagram bio. It says ‘love for all’. Few words mean so much,” Piccioli said. “Lewis is a translator; he can use his energy to express his unique and valuable self. The talent he radiates with his full personality goes far beyond his sporting excellence and embraces everything he does. Lewis believes in what he is doing and shows it with effortless intensity. I saw him dedicate himself to social causes with great independence. I saw her wearing an all-pink look and customizing it. I saw that he was smiling and chatting with people very comfortably. He pleases us by doing whatever pleases him. As a DI.VA’s reference, she stands for diversity, equality and above all love. I couldn’t think of a better friend for this campaign. It will deliver an empathetic, human, inspiring message and be as real as the person behind the celebrity.”

Valentino commended Hamilton’s determination to make a difference through his position and influence, his advocacy work for global equality and his charity Mission 44, which aims to support and empower youth from underrepresented groups in the UK.

Stating that he is honored to partner with Hamilton, Piccioli and Valentino, Hamilton said: “Great things happen when we embrace our true selves. Even greater things happen when we come together to share our visions, values ​​and creativity. We can make the world a better place no matter what obstacles we face. “I always try to collaborate with like-minded teams that are dedicated to bringing it to life. That’s why it’s really special to come together and collaborate with Valentino on this powerful campaign.”

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