Leading Off (5/24/22) - D Magazine - Upsmag - Magazine News

Leading Off (5/24/22) – D Magazine

Dig the Adolphus. No news here, just a great bit of history. In collaboration with the local publisher Deep Vellum, the Morning News‘ architecture critic, Mark Lamster, is writing about the buildings that made Dallas. Today brings us his piece on the Adolphus Hotel. Definitely worth your time.

Taekwondo Pill Trial Continues. Jaqueline Galloway won a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games. Then she tested positive for a banned substance after taking a vitamin supplement she’d bought at a Central Market in Plano, and her taekwondo career was cut short. She sued HEB. the trial continues today in a Collin County courtroom.

Dallas Hates Pedestrians. An audit of the city’s Transportation Department was released yesterday. It’s all about pedestrian safety. And it doesn’t look good. The short version: in Dallas in 2020, we had 4.91 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 residents, putting us at the top of a list of large American cities. Houston, by contrast, had 3.28 deaths, and Chicago had 2.02. And Dallas is basically doing nothing to fix it.

Dallas Might Gives Neiman Marcus $5.25 Million. This week the City Council will decide whether to give the retailer millions of economic incentives to keep its headquarters and its flagship store in downtown Dallas. Feels like maybe D Magazine should figure out how to jump on this gravy train.

Y’all, Go Vote. Git informed and git er done. Today is runoff day. Here’s a breakdown.


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