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Kim Kardashian Bleached Her Eyebrows for Interview Mag

Photo: by Nadia Lee Cohen; Styled by: Mel Ottenberg

Remember whenever Kim Kardashian provided by herself as a beauty substitute for the thin blond types of the ’90s? Well, that right time is definitely over. In classic Kardashian fashion, she appeared on the cover of Interview‘s issue, butt proudly on display courtesy of a jockstrap september. But while an image of her rear might have, in the past, broken the world wide web, it isn’t the physical body part that has everyone looking. That honor goes to her eyebrows that are bleached

Beyond The fact that is obvious her eyebrows are not naturally white, there’s something here that is just not right. After all, this isn’t the first time she has gone for the bleached-brow look. But none of her attempts that are previous*)at light-colored eyebrows have now been because haunting as her eyebrows for Interview mag. And I also think i understand why: oahu is the fluffiness. It is difficult to check whatever’s taking place right here without seeing Santa Claus.Photo: by Nadia Lee Cohen; Styled by: Mel Ottenberg

The vibe regarding the shoot does not help exactly. Many of the photos feature Kardashian with Farrah Fawcett–esque hair that is blondeanother recent addition to her look), using denim and standing in the front of an American banner, styled by

Interview editor-in-chief Mel Ottenberg. It is an image that is all-American ever there were one and a distinctly different aesthetic from the look that made her famous — the one heavily inspired by Black culture, which led to her being accused of cultural appropriation time and time again. Critics on Twitter have definitely noted a shift into what entrepreneur Ashlee Ray called “Kim K’s white woman era.”Lol Kim K’s white woman era makes me understand why she ripped off black female creatives & black culture for so long because wow this is horrible.

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