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Kerry Washington’s Favorite Style and Beauty Products for Summer

For Kerry Washington, sun care is self care. And as part of her continued partnership with Neutrogenathe actor, 45, wants everyone – regardless of age or skin tone – so prioritize their skin health.

“Skin cancer is preventable, but when you don’t know to be invested in protecting yourself, then the discovery of skin cancer can be much later in the game, and then of course it’s much harder to treat at later stages,” Washington tells PEOPLE.

“Having conversations about skin health is really important to me in all communities, but in communities of color, there’s a lot of work to do around the myths and demystifying the idea that communities of color don’t need SPF.”

While applying sunscreen is automatic for Washington, she says that in addition to education, product innovation is key to getting people to wear sunscreen. “Neutrogena has been really great about making SPF easy and accessible. No matter who you are or how you live your life or what you do, there’s an entry point, which I love.”

Having access to different formats is what gets her family safely out the door. “I keep the Invisible Daily Defense Lotion in the car because I feel like I always forget my hands or my ears.” Bonus: the incredible smell. Washington also loves the Ultra Sheer Mineral Sunscreen Stick. “I find my kids are really like it, too. It’s really, really easy to use.”

Each mantra: SPF has to be part of our daily practice.” Ahead she shares summer essentials, from a serum sunscreen to a hot new swimsuit line.

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