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July 2022 Modern Material Handling Magazine Issue

In this Issue:
  • American Eagle Outfitters’ outside fulfillment game
  • Reader Survey: Software survey
  • Best Practices: New perspective on lights out
  • Special Report: Top 10 supply chain software suppliers
  • Information Management: How WES is changing the game


By Bob Trebilcock · July 12, 2022

American Eagle Outfitters has long been a leader in e-fulfillment inside its distribution centers. The next step: Move outside the four walls with a distributed fulfillment network that is shared by other like-minded retailers to compete with the big guys.

By Gary Forger · July 12, 2022

From what goes in packages to pallet loads on the warehouse floor and even artificial intelligence, dimensioning equipment has some new missions.

By Bridget McCreaEditor · July 12, 2022

Our annual look at the software market shows how companies are using software and automation solutions in their warehouses and DCs and how they plan to put these tools to work in the future.

By Gary Forger, Contributing Editor · July 12, 2022

While there aren’t too many facilities without a human workforce, lights out continues to gain acceptance in operational pockets with the help of advanced automation.

By Roberto Michel · July 12, 2022

With nearly $10.3 billion in supply chain management revenues for 2021, the leading 10 providers of SCM software topped double-digit growth, growing faster than the overall SCM software market as enterprise leaders looked to tame persistent supply chain disruptions with modern Cloud-based software.

By Roberto Michel · July 12, 2022

Warehouse execution systems sit between warehouse management and traditional control layers in today’s DC software stack, but WES is more than a visibility layer. Using rules engines and order release logic that assesses multiple factors, WES promises smarter, more productive DCs.

By Gary Forger · July 12, 2022

Automation has probably never been more important to food and beverage as it is buffeted by a range of forces that challenge historically thin margins.

By MMH Staff · July 12, 2022

Modern’s editor sat down with Jay Anderson to discuss his carrier and the racking industry.

By Roberto Michel · July 7, 2022

Warehouse space costs have skyrocketed, so more companies want to maximize existing space by moving to narrow aisle configurations. However, making that transition effectively can benefit from some layout and material flow expertise, not just choosing appropriate equipment.

By Roberto Michel · July 7, 2022

How TE Connectivity deployed special top modules, or mobile robotic equipment (MRE), to get performance boost from its autonomous mobile robot fleet.

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