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Jodie Turner-Smith Embodies Virgo Fashion during the Venice Film Festival

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Class is in session.

of Jodie Turner-Smith’s Venice Film Festival looks — for now, anyway — was her case that is convincing for as outerwear. At an image call for (*)white noise(*) alongside co-stars Adam Driver and Greta Gerwig on August 31, Turner-Smith wore a sheer child red underwear slide gown from Gucci’s resort 2023 collection.(*)With the translucent frock, she paired lace-up slouchy shoes and a set of opera gloves (this time around with a metallic hue). While which will seem like a chaotic assemblage of wares, on Turner-Smith, it is a look that is cohesive. Even a pair of clunky earphones that are over-the-head her bedazzled dengue earrings. They are the talents of a Virgo that is detail-oriented at. Also, I suddenly feel compelled to wear opera gloves with every outfit.(*)By pairing timeless pieces with unsuspecting silhouettes, Turner-Smith sets her bar that is own for statement-making. Through each ensemble that is risk-taking her Virgo sensibilities come through via expert accessorizing, whimsical tailoring and a demeanour that shows she knows exactly what she’s doing. Always a perfectionist, never boring: this let her be your style inspiration.(*)As month a days-long culmination of movie, fashion and Hollywood royalty, the Venice Film Festival has an requirement that is unwritten different viral fashion moments. And, just like the Virgo this woman is, Jodie Turner-Smith comprehended the project.(*)

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