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Jimmy Kimmel Shares Health Update on Kid 5 Years After Heart Surgeries

Jimmy Kimmel continues to honor the group that conserved his child’s life.

5 years after Billy went through 2 lifesaving heart surgical treatments, the late night host shared a sweet upgrade on how he and partner Molly McNearny’s child is doing today. 

“He’s doing fantastic. He’s an uproarious kid,” Kimmel informed E! News on Oct. 8 at the Kid’s Healthcare facility Los Angeles honoring Panda Express and Kristin and Jeff Worthe 2022 Gala. “He likes Spiderman, getting on my head and doing all the important things we inform him not to do.”

Billy, who was identified with the unusual genetic heart problem tetralogy of Fallot after his birth, is prospering now thanks to the physicians and nurses who looked after him as a child. “They repaired his heart,” the 54-year-old stated. “The heart is a very vital part of the body…They repaired them up real excellent, so we’re extremely grateful.”

Nevertheless, Billy isn’t completely in the clear right now. “He still requires one open-heart surgical treatment, however he’s doing fantastic,” Jimmy informed E!. “I attempted to discuss the heart surgical treatment to him since he has a little scar down the center of his chest, and he has practically no interest.”


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