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Jerusalem Design Week Explores Israeli, International Art

The theme this year for Israel’s largest, most influential public design event is ‘For Now’

The Jerusalem Design Week – Israel’s largest and most influential public design event – ​​kicked off last week, attracting over 40,000 art-lovers to experience the works of Israeli and international designers.

It is held in the Hansen House Center for Design, Media, and Technology in Jerusalem’s charming Talbiya neighborhood, first established in 1887 as a leper asylum. Now owned by the Jerusalem Development Fund, which initiated the Hansen House preservation project, the site is a cultural oasis.

Celebrating its 11th edition and held until Thursday, the Design Week showcases over 40 events, exhibitions, and installations. International participation is ripe as well, with designers from Turkey, Lithuania, Japan, Italy, Austria, Spain, and Slovakia, Ynetnews report.

Noam Revkin Fenton/FLASH90Israelis visit the annual Jerusalem Design Week, at Hansen House in Jerusalem, on June 25, 2022.

The theme of this week is “For Now” – exhibits explore the transition of design and ask how time can be positively harnessed in uncertain times.

Designers address ecological threats, technological innovation, and radical solar transformations to embody the time loop that society is locked in, in which it is impossible to sustain the past or predict the future.

Among highlights at this year’s Jerusalem Design Week is the Istanbul-based Picnic art collective, made up of four Turkish designers who invite people to sit at a table and engage in conversations, which are made visible on the surface in free-form representations.

Designers Melodi Gulbaba and Ogul Oztuna told manage that the similarity of Israeli and Turkish cultures peaked their excitement for the show.

“If you were to put these people in Turkey, no one would notice,” they said.

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