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Jennifer LopezJosh DuhamelStar

Sure, you have actually seen J.Lo do rom-coms. However you have n’t seen her battle hostage-taking pirates in a bridal gown — a minimum of till you click use the trailer for Shotgun Wedding Event. Jennifer Lopez’s most current discovers her ready to wed an extremely good-looking Josh Duhamel (and into a life time of bothering from his mom, played by Jennifer Coolidge) when pirates take visitors captive at their island wedding event and the couple needs to conserve them. In the trailer, Lopez zip-lines, tosses a grenade, and, yes, shoots a shotgun, all in her bridal gown, leaving us to question what other action might be loaded into this film. There’s even an awesomely tongue-in-cheek positioning of Eddin McCain’s wedding event classic “I’ll Be.” Shotgun Wedding Event is J.Lo’s next in a string of rom-coms, after she starred in Wed Me together with Owen Wilson previously this year and lived her own real-life rom-com with Ben Affleck (and yes, it work a funny). Shotgun Wedding Event strikes Prime Video on January 23, 2023 — you simply need to endure the rest of wedding event season initially.

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