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Jana Kramer Hints She Went Out With John Mayer

Jana Kramer is formally dating again — and dropping cryptic updates.

once the “Whine Down” host opened up about her love life during a recently available bout of the iHeart broadcast podcast, she noted it the person I’m familiar with?” each producer asked.Kramer that she“went on a few dates” during a trip to Los Angeles.“Is then seemingly made a reference* that is to( John Mayer

: “Oh, my own body’s not a wonderland.”

The “Why Ya Wanna” singer and her buddies erupted into laughter before Kramer shifted to share another date she continued with a man that is jewish

“Everyone knows I’m a Christian,” she explained. “I realized how important that is I want in my life, but, like, my children.” After for me— for the other person to have that same quality or same beliefs for not only what worrying all about being “canceled” for wanting up to now somebody she continued to talk about the “really good dude” who she went out with.

“He’s Jewish within her religion. … And I have no problem with that. The problem that is only maybe not issue — but is, like, the things I want for my loved ones and my children. Can we pray to things that are different that still work in a relationship for what I want now?” she asked. “Before I wouldn’t care at all. … Not for me.”(* that I didn’t care at all, but like, I could never date an atheist just because that would be really tough)

Jana Kramer and John Mayer.

Paul A Hebert/Shutterstock; Matt Baron/BEI/ShutterstockKramer revealed in January that she had been baptized, sharing an video that is emotional Instagram from the ceremony.“This is my battle cry,” she wrote at the time. “This is the i stopped walking alone day. The sweetness is … we had been never ever alone. He had been constantly walking I just didn’t think I deserved that with me. If I’m honest I didn’t know how to trust it or at all if I could trust it. Searching for to a ‘father figure’ with my past had been difficult to think or have actually comfort in. I did not think he’d remain. He would not harm me personally. And So I pressed Jesus away for years.”The actress considered church amid her messy divorce proceedings from Mike Caussin

. The twosome, who share child Jolie, 6, and son Jace, 3, navigated a few cheating that is public before she filed for divorce in April 2021. They finalized the paperwork later that and she went on to date

Ian Schinelli[part of] for several months year. (They split in May.)

On “Whine Down,” Kramer’s buddies called her away for the next guy she actually is been dating who’s additionally Jewish, asking she actually is nevertheless entertaining the “other dude” then noted, “My beef with ‘other dude’ is not that he’s Jewish if he doesn’t have the same why beliefs as her.(*)Her pal. It’s that he sucks*)Kramer that is noted as they had a “great physical connection” but heard her friend’s claims he was boring.(*)“Deep that he was “really good for hot girl summer, deep, deep, deep down. There’s definitely something that he chooses because he’s such a hard one to get,’” she admitted in me that’s like, ‘I want to be the one. “Like, he is therefore unavailable and, like, this is* that is( my issues from, like, way back in my 20s. That kind of comes up, there’s a piece that just wants to have fun and know that that’s just what it is so there’s a little piece of me, that Jana. Like, my specialist is much like, ‘When it prevents fun that is being you need to, like, stop.’ But there’s also the other piece of me, it’s like, ‘Well, maybe.’ Because I know that I’m the person that is longest he’s hung out with since their divorce proceedings. ”(*)She later declared that she had been “over it” with all the unnamed person.(*)

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