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It’s my birthday! Here are some things I wish to do this year

It’s my birthday today!

If you’ve been following Culture Traveler for a long time, you most likely saw I enjoy commemorating my birthday. I think it’s a day to commemorate your life, who you are and whatever you have actually accomplished. And I really think that’s something worth making a huge celebration for.

I don’t typically share much of these type of individual updates. However, each year, I enjoy composing a birthday article assessing a year that passed, together with a list of twenty things I’d enjoy to attain in the list below year. Well, it’s simply to make myself liable.

In 2015’s highlights

Due To The Fact That 2020 and 2021 were so hard, I feel as if the in 2015 was the year of recovery and searching for my balance back. When I read my previous birthday posts, I saw I primarily concentrated on fixing myself.

I began swimming a lot. There is a gorgeous pool near to where I live, and I enjoy investing my mornings there.

Checking out is likewise an activity I’m doing a lot more than previously. When I returned to Croatia, I restored my library membership and began to be a routine in my city’s library.

I likewise feel as if I have actually discovered more balance with my work. Culture Traveler grew substantially throughout the in 2015, both in the variety of readers and profits. Nevertheless, in some way I handled to arrange my work around it rather well. So, it’s not as difficult as it utilized to be a number of years back. I got choosy with the tasks I’m dealing with and primarily concentrated on developing attractive material for my dear readers.

I likewise worked with a great virtual assistant Verity, an American living in the stunning town of Arezzo in Italy. She is a social networks wizard assisting me a lot with it.

Besides those, here are a few of my previous year’s highlights.

Journey to Ile-de-France

Although I took a trip a bit around Croatia (and a bit less around Europe) in 2020 and 2021, it was just throughout the in 2015 that I began taking a trip rather a lot once again. It was both for work and personal travel. And it lastly felt as if my world was returning back to regular once again.

Among my preferred current journeys from in 2015 was to Paris and Ile-de-France area. I participated in a conference arranged by the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe with the style of cultural tourist. I fulfilled numerous intriguing individuals while taking pleasure in the extraordinary French surroundings, architecture, and, naturally, its food.

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Winning some blogging awards

Dealing With your own service might be quite lonesome often. That’s why I began leasing a workplace desk in a co-working area in Zagreb in 2015.

Among the in 2015’s highlights was winning 2 awards for my work. The very first one was from Europeana for the storytelling on social networks (you can have a look at my entry here). And the 2nd one was from the Traverse for the developments in travel blogging for the colouring postcards I produced for TRANSROMANICA. I’m very happy with both of these awards!

Journey to Munich

Our very first worldwide household journey (after the pandemics began) to Toscana was a huge mess. We scratched our cars and truck terribly on the very first day, and after that all of us got very ill and needed to return house on the 2nd day.

So, we were all a bit anxious when we prepared our journey to Munich throughout spring break. Nevertheless, it wound up being a fantastic journey and we took pleasure in checking out that stunning German town a lot. It was an ideal household journey throughout which we had a great deal of time to check out a location and take pleasure in the time with each other.

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Getting more work-life balance

As I pointed out previously, I feel I began getting more work-life balance throughout the in 2015. I handled to arrange my work, so it’s less difficult. Therefore I can focus more on the locations I actually take pleasure in, like composing post and developing videos (if you haven’t yet, you can see a few of them on Culture Traveler’s YouTube channel).

Among my objectives for the next year is to work 6 hours each day, providing me more time to invest with my kid, friends and family. However, likewise for working more on a few of my pastimes, like painting.

I began driving once again

This is among the important things I’m quite happy with. I got my driving license a couple of months prior to I vacated Croatia. And after that, throughout my 7 years in the Netherlands, I didn’t actually have the requirement to drive. So, as you can envision, I forgot how to drive.

That’s why, when I returned to Croatia, I took a couple of hours in driving school and began driving once again. I’m delighted with that due to the fact that it provides me a lot more liberty than when counting on public transportation in Croatia (which isn’t the very best).

Residing In Spain for a long time this summer season

Something I wished to provide for a very long time was to be more location-independent. Although my task is remote, I cope with 2 people who depend upon the location where we live.

So, when my other half got a brand-new task in an entirely remote business and my kid went on a two-and-a-half-month long summer season trip, we chose it was time to experience a bit with digital wanderer’s way of life. We have actually remained in Barcelona for the last 2 weeks and are going to Valencia next week. Therefore far, enjoy that location-independent way of life.

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Things I’d like to perform in the next year

Some things discover their put on this list each year (like purchasing an art piece) due to the fact that I wish to keep doing that every year. Nevertheless, numerous things are brand-new, and I intend to stick to this birthday desire list throughout the year. So, here they are:

#1 – Work 6 rather of 8 hours each day

#2 – Compose a book

#3 – Go To the U.S.A.

#4 – Live more of a digital wanderer way of life

#5 – Check out 2 books each month

#6 – Produce a painting (little or huge) monthly

#7 – Curate an art exhibit

#8 – Invest an hour of quality time every day with my kid

#9 – Go to a few of the Croatian islands I haven’t been on yet

#10 – Buy food primarily from the regional farmers and manufacturers

#11 – Check out a brand-new museum monthly

#12 – Produce a picture album from my last 7 years in the Netherlands

#13 – Purchase an initial art piece

#14 – Meditate everyday

#15 – Go on a solo journey someplace brand-new

#16 – Consume more vegan

#17 – Go on a mum-son weekend journey

#18 – Start the art ceramics job

#19 – Go swimming 3 times weekly

#20 – Style my own ex libris

All in all, it was a great year. However, I’m thrilled to make some brand-new birthday resolutions and attempt to develop an even much better life for myself in the list below year.

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