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Is It Safe to Utilize Calamine Cream as a Makeup Guide?

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  • A hack for priming oily skin prior to makeup application is going viral on TikTok.
  • TikTok users declare calamine cream leaves skin oil-free all the time.
  • We asked a skin specialist if it actually works and whether it’s safe.

The last time you thought of calamine cream, you were probably covered in scratchy bug bites or a rash. The non-prescription medication is frequently utilized as a skin protectant to assist eliminate itching and pain brought on by inflammation, however according to TikTok, it has another usage as — await it — a makeup guide for oily skin.

We’ve checked our reasonable share of items that assure to remove oil, however calamine cream? While we’re still covering our heads around that a person, the hashtag #calamineprimer has more than 4.3 million views, and countless users have actually been checking out the hack on their own with mainly favorable outcomes.

In one viral video, a TikTok user states to the electronic camera, “Individuals are using this prior to their structure and basically it’s expected to make your structure last magnificently, and your makeup is expected to last all the time without getting oily.” In another video, somebody showcases how utilizing calamine cream as a guide kept her makeup in location all the time, even through an 8-hour work shift.

TikTok is among our preferred locations to discover charm pointers and techniques, however we discovered ourselves questioning: was utilizing calamine cream as guide efficient? Was it even safe? We tapped Anthony Rossi Jr, MD, board-certified skin doctor and creator of Dr. Rossi Dermalogica MD, to address our burning concerns.


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What Triggers Oily Skin?

“Oily skin takes place when the sebaceous glands produce excessive sebum,” London-based specialist skin doctor Thieve Maruthappu formerly informed POPSUGAR. Other aspects can have an influence on your skin’s sebum production, like your age, where you live, and even simply plain genes. It can likewise be brought on by utilizing the incorrect skin-care items for your skin type or over-exfoliating your skin. Although oily skin is totally regular, it can typically be an annoyance that leads individuals to search for items that assure to decrease the quantity of oil their skin produces.

Can Calamine Cream Aid With Oily Skin?

The brief response is yes, it can assist — however it’s not the very best choice readily available, and it may intensify some skin problem. Calamine cream is a topical non-prescription medication that is usually utilized to relieve swelling and pain brought on by skin inflammations. It’s frequently utilized for bug bites or stings, rashes brought on by toxin ivy or toxin oak, chicken pox, and even shingles.

A few of the primary active ingredients in calamine cream are zinc oxide, iron oxide, and bentonite lava, which assist dry exuding skin irritants. “The oxides and the bentonite will function as an absorbent base which is why individuals are utilizing it as a guide,” Dr. Rossi informs POPSUGAR. The exact same active ingredients that assist dry exuding bug bites are what extract oils from the skin and leave a smooth, oil-free base for makeup, however it’s not a long-lasting service for oily skin.

Prospective Threats of Utilizing Calamine Cream as a Makeup Guide

While lots of TikTok users have actually showcased how utilizing calamine cream as a makeup guide has actually worked for them, there are simply as numerous videos of physicians and skin specialists cautioning versus it. According to Dr. Rossi, while it might be appealing to utilize calamine cream as a guide, it’s not perfect: “There are no skin humectants or moisturizers created in it, so it would not hydrate the skin — it would just dry it out.”

Dr. Rossi includes the item might worsen particular skin problem like eczema, which some solutions of calamine cream might include alcohol which might possibly dry the skin out even further. Plus, the majority of bottles of calamine cream consist of cautions not to utilize the item for a duration longer than 7 days, which indicates that even if you did wish to check this item out as a guide, it would not be a long-lasting service for oily skin.

The Very Best Method to Preparation Oily Skin For Makeup

While calamine cream may work as a guide in the short-term, it’s not a safe response. Instead of going out to your regional pharmacy and stockpiling on the item, there are other alternatives you can attempt to assist tackle your oily skin. Start by presenting a face wash created for oily skin into your regimen, like the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Purifying Lathering Face Wash for Oily Skin ($16). It might likewise assist to utilize a moisturizer like the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Double Repair Work Matte Face Moisturizer for Oily Skin ($20) or the Kate Somerville Oil Free Moisturizer ($76).

There are likewise lots of mattifying makeup guides on the marketplace that are created particularly for oily skin, like the Jori Acne and Oil Control Guide ($70) or the Smashbox Image End Up Control Mattifying Guide ($42).

Image Source: Getty Images/Jennifer A Smith

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