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I’m a fashion whizz – the six mistakes you’re making with jumpers and t-shirts that instantly make you look frumpy

NO ONE wants to look old and frumpy.

But the truth is how you wear your t-shirts, jumpers and shirts could be doing just that.


There are a few simple ways to strop looking frumpyCredits: YouTube/Shea Whitney
Your sleeve length could be making you look frumpy


Your sleeve length could be making you look frumpyCredits: YouTube/Shea Whitney

Wearing a simple top might seem like the fool proof fashion option, but according to this fashion expert, there’s so much that can go wrong.

Shea Whitley explained that there are seven massive mistakes that women make all the time with their tops – and they’re making you look so frumpy.

Luckily, there’s an easy fix for them, which she revealed in a YouTube video.

Jumpers that are too long

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Sometimes an oversized jumper is exactly what you want, but if you want to look a bit more refined it’s not going to work.

If your jumper comes down to below your bum you’re at a major risk of look frumpy.

Shea revealed an easy fix, and all you need is a belt – and it doesn’t even have to match.

Just secure the belt around your lower waist over the jumper and then pull the material up through the belt to create a chic cropped look.

oversized sleeves

Chances are, if the length of your jumper is too long, the sleeves probably are too.

Not only is it a practical nightmare to get anything done when your sleeves cover your hands but it can look drab and unkempt.

But you don’t need to take drastic measure to fix your sleeves, just do the same thing you did with your belt on your arms, but use a hair tie instead.

Cuffing shirt sleeves wrong

A classic white shirt can look timeless and chic – if you style it right.

But according to the fashion lover, everyone makes the same mistake when cuffing their shirt sleeves.

She explained that most people mindlessly roll their sleeves up, but the problem is that it doesn’t look great and they fall back down again minutes later.

You need to unbutton the cuff, Shea explained, and do two large folds so that your cuff is “the perfect tightness around your arm but also allows it to never fall,” she said.

not tucking correctly

Shea said: “I love tucking in my shirt, it give it a lot of shape and it’s just something I love to do.

“But what you must pay attention to is that the buttons are in line with your jeans whatever trousers you’re wearing.

“The line must be straight.”

Double checking your shirt is tucked properly before you leave the house will ensure you looked put together.

Switch up your t-shirt

“If you always wear your basic t-shirts the same way, then you might be wearing them wrong,” Shea said.

If you want to avoid looking frumpy but still want to rock your favorite t-shirt, you can simply tie a knot in the side to a more interesting look.

If you don’t want to show any skin, Shea explained that you can tie the knots through the belt loop on your jeans so that it stays in place.

Wearing creased clothes

No matter what, wearing t-shirts and shirts that are creased looks massively frumpy.

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While remembering to iron or steam them is the obvious fix, sometimes they are creased again barely hours later.

The fashion pro recommended picking materials carefully, making sure you chose quality pieces that are less likely to crease.

Tying your t-shirt makes it instantly cooler


Tying your t-shirt makes it instantly coolerCredits: YouTube/Shea Whitney
Make sure everything is in line


Make sure everything is in lineCredits: YouTube/Shea Whitney

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