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I’m a fashion fan and here are the type of bottoms you should be wearing if you want to cover your belly pouch

WE’VE all got a belly pouch, but it seems that many of us are very self-conscious about it.

Although it’s very normal and unless you’re a Victoria’s Secret model, you’re going to have one, many women often look for clothes that conceal their bellies, in an attempt to make themselves look slimmer.


If you are conscious of your belly, Priya Coco is here with her top fashion tipCredits: TikTok/@priyacoco

However, there will be no more of that, as a fashion fan has revealed the types of trousers and skirts we should be wearing if we want to hide our tummy pouch.

Priya Coco is a petite fashionista that regularly takes to TikTok to show off outfits that are not only gorgeous, but flattering too.

In Priya’s latest video, she shows off the staple skirt that you need in your wardrobe if you are conscious of your belly.

She said: “If you have a little belly pooch, I think a V-style skirt looks really flattering.

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“I really recommend that, I have leggings like this which are V-style and I feel it looks very flattering.”

But it’s not just this V-style skirt that will flatter your figure, the high-street is full of V-style leggings, jeans and shorts at the moment too.

Not only is this style of clothing flattering, but it’s very fashionable too.

We think the skirt looks fabulous and clearly many people did too, as Priya’s video has racked up a whopping 61.8k views and 2,913 likes.

Many fashion fans loved the skirt and took to the comments to express this.

One person said: “I loveee v style trousers and skirts” to which Priya said “Super flattering!!”

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Another added: “100% agree with this! You look amazing!”

A third commented: “Omgggg where from!!” to which Priya confirmed in another video that the skirt was from Emmiol.

If you’re a fan of this V-cut split mini skirt, you can buy it from Emmiol for £26.34.

Not only is it a lovely skirt, in another video, Priya said: “The good thing about this skirt is that it has shorts underneath. How amazing.”

The skirt comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large.

Priya wears the glam black skirt, which is perfect for summer, but there’s also a brown one too.

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Whether you’re off for a picnic, a pub garden or a restaurant meal, this skirt is great for warm days.

Priya matches it perfectly with a cute white crop top, but if crop tops aren’t your thing, a t-shirt would look equally as good.

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