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I’m a fashion expert & here are the three designer shoes that’ll instantly make you look tacky

IF you’re going to invest in something designer, you want it to stand out from everything else in your wardrobe – because otherwise, what’s the point?

So with that in mind, we’ve always gravitated towards the sunglasses, bags and t-shirt that somehow feature the brand’s iconic logo.


Main listed the three ‘tacky’ designer shoes she wouldn’t buyCredits: TikTok/anareyess_
Ana said these 'flashy' shoes will ruin any 'elegant' look


Ana said these ‘flashy’ shoes will ruin any ‘elegant’ lookCredit: TikTok/anareyess__

But according to fashion expert Ana Reyesthis is the absolute worst thing you can do.

in a viral TikTok video that’s racked up 22,000 “likes”, the social media star shared her top three designer shoes to avoid if you want to have “elegant style”.

First up, Ana slammed the trendy £950 YSL Cassandra heels which feature the brand’s logo on the front.

Urging every followers to give them a miss, she wrote: “The logo is so big [and] flashy.”

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And while the £510 Hermes Oran sandals have been all over our Instagram feeds this year, Ana said they’re another style not worth splashing out on.

She explained: “They can look elegant but they are so common now.

“If you want to look classy, ​​wear something more discreet.”

Hammering the point home, Ana says the shoes scream: “I’m a brand.”

Much to our disappointment, even the £450 Gucci espadrilles we’ve been lusting after for months were branded “tacky” too.

Ana added: “You will look like a billboard. There are too many logos.

“Everyone wears them and it makes you look cheap.”

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Needless to say, the style guru’s assertions stirred up debate in the comments.

One replied: “I think the YSL ones are cute if you just wear them with a discreet outfit letting the heels be the only ‘flashy’ accessory of the outfit.”

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Another added: “The Hermes sandals scream retirement community.”

Meanwhile, a third fumed: “Btw Hermes sandals are so comfy and not at all flashy not everyone knows what the ‘H’ symbol is for.”

Not everyone agreed with her stance on the Hermes sandals


Not everyone agreed with her stance on the Hermes sandalsCredit: TikTok/anareyess__
The expert said these espadrilles will make you 'look like a billboard'


The expert said these espadrilles will make you ‘look like a billboard’Credit: TikTok/anareyess__

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