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I Tried Twist-and-Clip Hair Air-Drying Method: See Photos


Our Founder, @Dianna Cohen, shares her technique for heatless waves using our haircare favorites as well as our newest launch, The Clips. #clawclip

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  • The founder of Crown Affair, Dianna Cohen, invented a “twist and clip” method for air-drying hair.
  • All you need to test the technique is two small hair clips.
  • One editor tested the method for herself and is sharing her results.

I am a minimalist at heart. I love simple outfits, easy makeup, and hairstyles that take little to no effort. While I occasionally find myself going all out with my looks, more often than not you can find me doing the bare minimum, especially when it comes to my hair. I only wash it twice a week at most, which means I only style it twice a week as well. I typically give myself a blowout, but in the summer months when the weather is warmer, I try to give my hair a break from heat as much as possible, which often leaves me searching for different heatless hair methods.

I recently stumbled across a video of Diana Cohenthe founder of hair-care brand Crown Affair, showcasing her “twist and clip” method for air-drying her hair. In the video, Cohen utilizes two hair clips to give herself heatless waves that look incredible. When I heard her describing her method as the “no-makeup-makeup vibe for hair,” I knew I needed to test it out for myself.

To test the hack, the only things I needed were two small clips. Then, after washing my hair and hopping out of the shower, I wrapped it in a microfiber towel to soak up some of the moisture. After about 20 minutes, once my hair was damp but mostly dry, I took it out of the towel and applied my favorite leave-in conditioner, the Gisou Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner ($34). I also applied the Gisou Honey Infused Hair Oil ($25). After combing everything through with a wide-tooth comb and dividing my hair into my normal middle part, it was time to test out Cohen’s hack.

I started by dividing my hair into two sections, the top half being one section and the bottom half being the other. From there, I took the top half and began twisting small sections on either side back into tiny rope-like hair twists. I then clipped them together. The final step was to take the bottom half of my hair and divide it into two sections, and then twist them in a backward motion the same way I did with the top. I ended by clipping the bottom sections together just as I did with the top half.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

While it might sound confusing, trust me: it’s easy to master. It was n’t until I tested it out for myself after watching Cohen do it in her TikTok videos that I realized just how simple it was.

After letting my hair sit for about 30 minutes, I took out the clips and released my hair. The twist-and-clip method left me with soft waves that gave me tons of bounce — my curtain bangs even had a perfect swoop to them.

I’ve tested this hack quite a few times since my initial run, and I’ve found there are a few key things that help my hair look its best. To start, I add in a wave spray or a beach spray after my leave-in conditioner. I’ve found that it gives my hair more texture and helps the style stay in place for a longer period of time. I’ve also started using the Living Proof No Frizz Leave-In Conditioner ($27), which has helped eliminate frizz not only at the top of my head but along the rest of my hair as well.

I have fine hair that falls between straight and wavy, so this hack would probably work best for people with similar textures that need a little help enhancing a curl. It definitely achieved that for me — it was easy to do and made my hair look cute with minimal effort. I’ve been utilizing this method a lot this summer, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon.

The Crown Affair Twist and Clip Method

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Renee Rodriguez

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