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I have a number of concerns about keeping a wok: AskCulinary

Hi, my better half purchased me a wok cookbook as a present composed by a man whose suggestions I truly trust from watching/cooking a few of his Youtube dishes.

He states that non-stick woks are basically worthless which is all I have, so I’m thinking about getting a carbon steel one rather however have a couple of concerns.

  • I ‘d enjoy to inform myself that I’ll immediately clean up and re-season the wok right after cooking each time however truthfully I ‘d most likely wind up leaving it till a minimum of after I have actually consumed the meal, perhaps even a little bit longer. Would cleansing and re-seasoning a number of hours after you have utilized it trigger damage to it?

  • How simple is it to screw up the wok and require to begin over with a complete re-season? Googling around I see individuals grumbling about rust, flaky bits, and other things that appear to trigger the suggestions ‘completely scrub the wok and begin once again with the spices’. Is this typical? I dislike to sound cliche however my household and work keeps me so hectic I do not have at any time for high-maintenance pots and pans!

  • Am I safe to simply presume that my integrated gas stovetop will be hot adequate to get the most out of a good wok? I have a common in the UK 4-ring gas stovetop that looks a bit like this and have actually discovered that all however the most significant ring are a bit worthless for frying, so another concern I have is that it would take so long with my burner to get the wok hot that I may too simply stick to the non-stick pan anyhow.

Thankyou men!

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