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I Attempted “Upside-Down Hair Cleaning” That’s All Over TikTok

  • Many individuals on TikTok are huge fans of “upside-down hair cleaning.”
  • The hair hack includes shampooing and conditioning with your head turned upside down to include volume.
  • Our editor evaluated “upside-down hair cleaning” to see how well it works.

I have actually cleaned my hair numerous times, however never ever did I think about altering the manner in which I did it. I have actually constantly washed, shampooed, washed, conditioned, and washed one last time. Why repair what’s not broken, right? However TikTok has other concepts. One night, I came across a video on “upside-down hair cleaning,” where the developer shared her hair-care regimen that consisted of shampooing and conditioning her head in the shower upside-down.

When I informed the remainder of the appeal group about this unusual hair-washing method, all however someone– who routinely follows this hack, in addition to the “reverse hair cleaning” method, herself– were simply as stunned as I was. The thinking for doing this, so I’m informed, is to assist include volume and body to any hair type– specifically if it’s great. And as somebody who fits that description, I was video game to attempt it.

The next time I showered, rather of shampooing and conditioning the method I have actually done it for the previous two-plus years, I turned my head upside-down.

Initially, I’ll state this: in order to manage upside-down hair cleaning, you definitely require a removable shower head with a hose pipe. However even with that, it’s no simple job. The whole practice felt extremely unusual– water gets all over if you’re not cautious. I utilized my Balmain Homme Treatment Bodyfying Hair Shampoo ($ 62) and Balmain Homme Treatment Bodyfying Conditioner ($ 70) for the procedure, which currently boasts volumizing active ingredients.

With my head upside-down and the shower nozzle hanging rather desperately, I lathered the roots of my hair, focusing the hair shampoo on my scalp and not truly stressing over cleaning my ends. When that action was done, still with my head upside-down (water in my ears, and soap in my eyes …), I washed the hair shampoo out. Utilizing my conditioner next, I concentrated on completions of my hair this time, preventing my roots– something I do when I clean my hair right-side-up, too, to avoid weighing my hair down.

After offering my head one last rinse, I was ended up with the whole upside-down hair-washing procedure. It absolutely took me longer than typical to do, however my hair remarkably currently felt softer to the touch, which offered me hope. Out of the shower, I put my hair up in a towel to dry a bit prior to putting in a styling cream and blasting it with some heat (likewise while upside-down– are you picking up a style?).

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Currently, my hair looked fluffier and had more volume, specifically at the roots, which normally lay flat versus my head. Since at this moment I looked a bit like a poodle that simply got blow-dried– and it’s New York City Style Week, after all– I chose to curl my hair with my Mermade Waver to see how that ‘d look.

This is where the magic truly occurred. My hair kept its volume and had a lot more bounce than it normally does. In spite of being disorderly to do, upside-down hair cleaning truly did provide my great hair next-level body, and the outcome was lasting. This is absolutely a technique I’ll maintain my sleeve for days when I intend on heat styling in the future.

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography/ Jessica Harrington

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