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I attempted “Glazed-Doughnut” Hair: See Photos

  • “Glazed-doughnut” hair is a trend that is new by its nail predecessor.
  • Like “liquid” hair, the process involves getting a toner to add shine and softness.
  • One editor tried the hair that is glazed-donut and it is sharing her outcomes.

A couple of years ago, we never ever might have guessed that i might desire to appear to be a fried bit of sweetened dough, but because of Hailey Bieber, the thought of ​​looking like a doughnut that is glazed 80 percent of my daily thoughts. Whether it’s finding the perfect skin-care routine to give me glazed-doughnut skin or painting chrome to get glazed-doughnut nails to my nails, searching like a pastry became certainly one of my primary objectives in life. Once I heard that glazed-donut locks ended up being the following thing that is big the horizon, my interest was immediately piqued.

I got highlights earlier this and although I was into the look at the time, the color has since turned a brassy orange-red that definitely doesn’t suit me year. We have not quite figured away whether I would like to return in with cool-toned shows or if I would like to permanently dye it darker all over, therefore I’ve been looking for methods to cancel the redness out without committing to something permanently. It sounded like just the solution I was looking for.When when I heard that glazed-donut hair was a new trend all about polished, lustrous hair — achievable with just an in-salon toner we asked my hairdresser, Nine Zero One hairstylist Sierra Kener

, concerning the trend, she believed to “quite literally think about a donut that is glazed the end result is hair that is glossy, super shiny, healthy, and natural.” Kener added that like the trending Hailey Bieber glazed-donut skin, glazed-donut hair “makes you look expensive and like you just walked out of the salon.”

glazed donut hair

To achieve the glazed-doughnut look on my hair, Kener used a toner that matched my natural base for a soft and grow-out that is easy. She included in a color with blue undertones that could counteract the orange brassiness after which included handful of purposeful heat to offer my locks just a little luster that is extra. When Kener spun the chair around to let me survey the results, I couldn’t help but notice my hair looked shinier it felt so soft I couldn’t stop touching it than it ever had before, and. In the Uber regarding the real way home, I couldn’t stop looking at how much it glowed in my phone’s camera.

If you’re looking to get glazed-doughnut hair you should ask your stylist for a gloss or a toner that will enhance your natural color and add richness for yourself, Kener says. Toners typically final anywhere from 2 to 3 months, or 30 shampoos — whichever comes first — so staying in touch with regular hair salon appointments is key in terms of keeping your locks’s shiny feel and look.

In between salon appointments, Kener suggests using a shampoo that is color-safe conditioner just like the Milbon Moisture Replenishing Shampoo ($25) each time you clean the hair. Making use of a heat protectant just like the InCommon Magic Mist ($32) could also be helpful because of the durability of this gloss therefore it remains searching fresh so long as feasible.

glazed donut hair

Another should have for glazed-donut locks is locks oil. “we tell my customers to oil their ends whenever they moisturize their face. Our locks requires dampness equally as much as the skin we have,” she states. Kener’s favorite now may be the DpHue Color Fresh Oil treatment ($35), and I also can verify the known fact that it not only smells great, but also leaves hair feeling super soft.

If you’re not comfortable with the idea of ​​coloring your hair even temporarily, you can always ask for a gloss that is clear the hair salon. The result will nevertheless appear to be the hair, just better — a shinier, healthier-looking variation that’s certain to make minds. In terms of me personally, i am enthusiastic about the ultimate outcome and think glazed-doughnut hair might just be my brand new look that is go-to.

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