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I Attempted Fishtail Eye Liner: Step-by-Step Photos

Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Audrey Noble

Graphic eye liner is a vibrant yet basic method to raise any charm appearance. From drifting lines to the precious feline eye, there are many of choices to select from if you’re wishing to step up your eye-makeup video game. However one that’s presently flooding everybody’s For You Pages that has me — a recognized makeup minimalist — extremely fascinated is the fishtail-eyeliner appearance.

Appropriately called, fishtail eye liner, as star makeup artist Neil Scibelli informs POPSUGAR, is a double-winged liner that mirrors itself on the leading and bottom lash lines. “The eye serves as the body of the fish, while completions imitate a standard goldfish tail,” Scibelli states. While it might sound complex, he ensures that it’s basic enough for even a makeup newbie to do. (Plus, you can personalize it, and there are many variations of the appearance).


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You’ll initially wish to get the ideal items. Scibelli recommends a long-wear liquid liner to decrease bleeding or smudging, and you need to go with a felt-tip liner so you have more control when drawing those exact lines. I chose to stay with one color, a traditional black, and got the Kaja Wink Stamp Eye Liner Pen ($29).

Beginning with the inner corner, I drew a straight line along my upper lash line. As I reached the external corner, Scibelli advised me to snap the liner up to develop a wing. Then, from the leading point of the wing, I drew the line to thicken the wing and develop a triangle, which he states will function as the leading fishtail line.


Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Audrey Noble

Then it was time to line the bottom lash line. Scibelli states I can essentially duplicate the exact same actions I provided for the top, beginning with the inner corner and lining the lash line external. I chose to begin at the center of the bottom lash line — I personally felt it was excessive to totally line the bottom — however rather of snapping the liner up, I turned it downward to develop a “mirror result” of the wing on the ball. Then I thickened it by linking that point back up to the corner of the lower lash line to get that triangular shape. Et voilà — my fishtail liner appearance was total.

The very best part about this pattern is you can do it nevertheless you like. You can make the triangle forms thick or thin. You can blend vibrant colors or stick to traditional black. If you make any errors, do not stress; it’s a simple repair. Scibelli states you can utilize a pointed Q-tip dipped in micellar water (he likes Garnier’s SkinActive Micellar All-in-One Cleansing Water ($10) to tidy up any smudged lines.

This took less than 5 minutes to attain, and I just got my micellar water when. The outcomes are a super-cute eye appearance that’s anything however fundamental. You’ll capture me using this check out the fall.

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